It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday!


It’s Mega Swagbucks day! What does that mean? You can earn double, triple or more on your regular swagbucks searches!

What is Swagbucks?

How it works :

For random searches that you do through their page or toolbar, they will give you what’s called swagbucks. These can be redeemed for gift cards or tons of other prizes. I prefer the $5 Amazon Gift Card they have, it seems to be the best deal on there. And I can let my amazon money pile up until I am ready to go shopping!

Ways to earn :

Search – you earn random swagbucks for searches either from their site or toolbar

Toolbar – for having the toolbar installed you will be randomly awarded swagbucks just for signing on!

“Swaghunts” – they will hide random codes periodically on their twitter, facebook, blog, toolbar, any of the above. You find the code and enter it into their site to redeem for even more swagbucks.

Special offers – once a week they will post up a new set of special offers on their site. You scroll through the offers (you don’t have to complete any of them) and just for looking they will give you swagbucks!

Trusted Surveys – now earn points just by taking surveys! It’s like being paid for your opinion!

Refer a Friend – When a friend signs up under you you get a swagbuck every time they do! Up to 1,000 swag bucks. How cool is that?

I have been with Swagbucks for a several months now and have cashed in for $75 in Amazon gift cards, $5 at a time… just for doing the “normal” searches on the internet I usually do! Not into Amazon? They have lots of other things to redeem for, too… check it out!



  1. Betty N says

    I wondered what Swag Bucks were. Thanks for the information.

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