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It’s a typical story. Boy meets girl, they court, fall in love, get married… and go on a honeymoon. Their first trip together, alone… time to focus, connect and just “be a couple”.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years this summer. We have four children ages 3 through 19… and have NEVER. BEEN. ON. A. HONEYMOON. Yep! You heard me right.

My “next big leap” as the title of the post announced is to leave my children… with someone besides my husband. Seriously, before our 25th wedding anniversary I want to spend a week a l o n e… with my husband. This is a huge leap for us me. We married young. I was 18 and he was 21. We were poor but happy to just have each other. No vacations, no splurges. Just us and our fish.

We started having children 3 years into our marriage. I never thought I would be, but after losing our first baby I ended up being a very overprotective mom. I do not leave my children with people outside our immediately circle. Almost never (yep, not even with grandma). I have a mild panic attack just talking to my husband about it.

Our oldest will be 20 this May. She is a beautiful, bright, creative, smart and responsible young woman. Why am I telling you this? Because, I think I can finally take that leap. Kaytlin has willingly stepped into the second mommy role in our household and helps when I just can’t do it all. When Ethan joined our crew 3 1/2 years ago I realized just how much Kaytlin does help around here. To be honest, she is going to be an incredible mom some day. Quite possibly better than I ever have been… and that makes me proud.

So, now I question myself. Can I take this leap of “letting go” for an entire week to be “me”… “us”. I have full confidence in my daughter to hold the fort down, but I still panic when I think about it.

So now that I’ve shared my next leap… tell me yours!

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  1. Mimi says

    Wow, no honeymoon? I can see why back then it didn’t really matter. I’d have been the same way as you if I had lost my first child. I know it’s going to be hard, but you can do this!! My big leap was filing my divorce last week so I’ve started my year out wonderfully! =) I’m excited to see what lies before me!

  2. I am a lot like you. We don’t plan very many vacations without the boys. Try not to worry and have fun!

  3. I hope you have a great time, long overdue.

  4. I’m sure you’ll have a great time! That’s wonderful that your oldest will help out while you are away.

  5. Wendy says

    We’ve never been on a honeymoon, either. And after breaking up for 20 years, then getting back together to get married, I think we deserve one! My son is small, though, so I just can’t do it yet. I think you should go for it, and have a blast!

    And, I’m a total Honda girl – if I can muster up the courage, my “leap” this year will be to buy my third brand new Honda – this time a Hybrid!! My dad just did, and he’s saving a fortune in gas. A real plus for my 60 mile commute!!

  6. Amy says

    You *DEFINITELY* deserve a vacation/honeymoon. I think you’ll find that you’ll loosen up a little bit too by the time you get home and realize that everything has been running perfectly while you were gone 🙂
    I keep telling myself that I need a vacation as well, but with the circumstances right now with a 1 and 3 year old, I think I’ll be waiting a little longer. Big Bummer.

  7. Jenilee says

    We never went on a honeymoon either, and we don’t ever really get any time away from our kids (unless I’m in the hospital having another)! I would love to go on a trip with my husband alone…but I think I would be lost with what to do! LOL. Good luck on getting your trip and time alone!

  8. DO IT!!! Leave the kids and go!! We went on a kind-of-honeymoon… We were *supposed* to move to Texas RIGHT AFTER getting married, so we went to the mountains for a week as one last “Colorado Mountain Get-Away”. But, we never moved. So… I want to take a REAL honeymoon too! But… Right now we have an 18-month-old and I am almost 25 weeks pregnant with #2. So, I don’t see us taking this trip anytime soon. BUT I say do it! Let us know how it was! Maybe I’ll follow in your footsteps! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  9. Great post! Happy early anniversary. I completely understand being overprotective and there is NOTHING wrong with that, though you definitely deserve some time alone! All moms do. Have a great week away!

  10. Leann Lindeman says

    Nice story…. my husband and I just celebrated our 31st anniversary. Our daughter is 23 now and getting married this year… I agree it is hard to let go, but it is time for you and your husband to enjoy some alone time! I think you will find it quite enjoyable. We are!! 🙂

  11. You totally need to treat yourself to a honeymoon! Go somewhere hot and enjoy a week in paradise.

    I’ve got a few leaps…one being learning photography, losing weight, getting divorced, etc!!

  12. Tree says

    You can do it, Heather!! It’s hard to let go.. believe me, I know! The hubby and I have been together for 24 years.. married for 16 of them, and our oldest two are 23 and 17.. they both are very responsible. We never had a “honeymoon” either persay.. one overnight trip to Atlantic City.. and I called our kids (yes, two before we married lol) several times that night. 🙂 It’s our job as a mom to worry.. but you also need time for yourselves!! Have fun and Happy Anniversary!

  13. Nikki says

    You can do it! It sounds like your daughter will be the perfect person to watch your younger children, and you definitely deserve that honeymoon. So take that leap!

  14. Lesli says

    Wow you guys deserve to have an awesome honeymoon! I hope your honeymoon dreams will come true! Are you thinking somewhere tropical? That would be perfect for some relaxation and alone time! Have a great time!! 😀

  15. Wow, I thought we were bad since we havent had a honeymoon yet and we have been together 5 years. I have the same problem, I have never been anywhere overnight since my baby was born. I just dont trust anyone as much as I trust me. Sometimes you just have to do it though. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!

  16. A week alone sounds fabulous! I hope you go through with it and know you will have an amazing time!

  17. You deserve some time to yourselves! Keep your phone close, and make a couple of phone calls to find out how things are going through the day, each day. Have fun, and enjoy your husband!

  18. Laura says

    I loved my honeymoon and hope you get to have one this year! 25 years is a big deal. Live it up!

  19. I too have never had a honey moon and i so plan on it one day

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