It’s a BOY!

 It’s a BOY!

As you already know, our reviewer Lindsay was expecting her third baby this month. I got the exciting text last night that she was having good contractions and this was it! I woke up to fabulous news this morning… not only is he here, he is beyond adorable, rocking the red hair and a nice size!


Lindsay and family would love to announce the arrival of Mason Everett born July 14 at 7:05. 9lbs 3 oz. 22.25 inches long!!


Congrats Lindsay! We can’t wait to see more photos and hear all about Mason’s arrival!


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Congrats to Lindsay!! Mason is adorable and I love his name 🙂 He is a big boy!!!

  2. Julie Wood says

    What a cute baby boy and and what a good healthy size! I wonder what she will name her baby! I hope that we will have another blog post about this. Congrats to the new mother!

  3. Rama A says

    Congrats to her ! god bless him

  4. Christine Mayfield says

    Congrats to Lindsey! What a big healthy boy =)

  5. Jessica F. says

    What an adorable baby boy!! His red hair is just precious. Congrats Lindsay!

  6. Kristin says

    Congratulations on your new baby boy!

  7. Katie says

    Congrats!! So cute!

  8. Ryan L says


  9. Ashley Schmidt says

    Congrats to Lindsey and her big boy Mason 🙂

  10. Congratulations Lindsay! What a cutie, and I love his name.

  11. Skye Moyer says

    So exciting!! Congratulations!

  12. rosie m says

    congrats and what a beautiful baby I can’t wait to have mine in 4 weeks and then we get to meet our little girl.

  13. Elisabeth says

    Love the red hair! Congrats to Lindsay and her family! 🙂

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