ISA Professional Flat Iron

ISA Professional Flat Iron 

Sample received. All opinions are my own.


If you have unruly hair, I’m sure that a straightener is probably a huge part of your daily hair routine.

Even if you hair is straight, I know that a great straightener will tame flyaway hair, and make it look shinier, which is always good.


The ISA Professional Digital LCD Flat Iron Hair Straightener is made with 100% Tourmaline Ceramic Pivoting Plates.


It features a neon background LCD display, and digital temperature control from 175 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


Get your hair straight fast and safe, from wavy to curly. If your forget to shut your straightener off, this straightener has a 1 hour auto shut off safety feature.

Tired of tangling cords? No more! This comes with a 360 degree full swivel cord that doesn’t tangle! This is also a great product for either right or left-handed folks, since the buttons are placed on the top of the handle, rather than off to one side.


You can finally receive salon quality straightening from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of the ISA Professional Digital LCD Flat Iron Straightener.


Unlike regular metal or ceramic coated plates, the 100% Tourmaline ceramic plates deliver heat faster, as well as more evenly for perfect results every time, while emitting negative ions to smooth and protect your hair.


The unique shape of this straightener allows you to do more than straighten. You can produce bouncy curls or glamorous waves with just a flick of the wrist. It also comes with a 2 year guarantee!


My daughter has a slight wave to her hair that she prefers to straighten. She also has ultra thick hair, so straightening her hair with a substandard flat iron is a chore.

I watched as she straightened her hair with the ISA flat iron and in no time at all she had the after results on the left. No double passes and no holding the iron in place for abnormal lengths of time. Just a smooth travel through the hair to the ends and on to the next strand!


Do you have a favorite hair styling product? Do you straighten your hair often, or just for special occasions? Let me know in the comments!


  1. shelly peterson says

    This looks like a really nice flat iron. I like that this has the auto shut off safety feature.We really need a new, I will have to think about getting one of these

  2. WOW! I would love to try this on my hair!

  3. i know someone that would love that! my hair is straight as a pin, but i am sending this to a friend 🙂

  4. Very nice! I haven’t owned a flat iron for a few years, but have been thinking of getting a new one. Looks like they are much improved and I may need to add this to my after Christmas shopping list!

  5. diane says

    My daughter loves to straighten her hair so I bought a really good flat iron for her. YOu have to have a nice one or you risk seriously damaging your hair!

  6. I love how different your hair looks after you used the flat iron. It is so pretty!

  7. Jordan says

    Wow, this looks like a great product! Thanks for the post!

  8. I straighten my hair every day using a flat iron and my tween daughter has begun doing the same. Right now we share one between us both, but surprising her with her own would be fantastic!

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