Is Amish Furniture Worth it When You Have Little Kids Around?

Amish furniture is well regarded for its quality, longevity, and durability. As solid wooden pieces, Amish furniture can also be rather heavy, which means if you accidently bump into it, you tend to notice. This can be a problem for families with small children, who tend to bump into stuff a lot. 

That means your furniture might suffer some dings and dents, as could your kids if you have Amish furniture around. So you might wonder if purchasing such pieces is a good idea. With the right preparation, though, you can have your furniture and protect your kids from harm, ensuring both last to cherish and enjoy. 

Amish furniture is easy to protect 

The key to keeping both your kids and furniture safe is protection. Anchoring pieces to walls so they can’t tip over is just one example. Since Amish furniture is simple, sturdy, solid wood, childproofing it is actually very easy. 

Along with anchors, it’s important to remember that width is better than height. Lower furniture is not only sturdier, but less likely to create potential falling and climbing hazards. When you buy authentic Amish furniture, you have a long list of options, many of them perfectly suitable for a family home. 

Plastic covers for corners can help a lot, too. Children are not well coordinated, and might accidently bump into an edge. That can hurt, so a rubber stopper will go a long way to preventing bruised funny bones. 

Less likely to break 

Since Amish pieces are solid wood, they are very durable. That means it’s pretty hard to break them. Small children might be able to break plywood pieces by running into them or trying to climb them, which can cause the kid serious harm. 

Solid wooden pieces are a lot less likely to break and injure the child, but they are not indestructible. A kid that bumps into Amish furniture will feel it, which is why making sure it’s protected is important for the child. Sturdy pieces tend not to ding easily, but kids are very susceptible to bruises. 

Keep open pathways 

This is more a general safety tip, but making sure there is plenty of room for people, especially wiggly, wobbly little ones, can safely navigate a room without having to tuck in their elbows and watch their corners will help a lot in preventing bumps, bruises, dents, and dings. 

When planning paths for furniture, the extra space is useful not just for kids, but to allow toe room, which is useful for people of all ages. It’s also an important part of the decision process when selecting furniture, so you should do it anyway to make sure everything fits in the right place. 

Avoid heavy décor 

While placing a big TV on top of a piece of furniture is definitely a no, the same is important to remember with large lamps and the like. These sorts of items can seriously hurt a child if they fall on top of them, and kids are likely to accidently bump into them as well. 

Placing these items on higher shelves is not the answer. They need to be either placed low to reduce the risk of injury, or removed until the kid is old enough not to be the same size and weight as the item in question. 

More than just furniture 

One way to get kids used to solid wood, and thus protecting your furniture and their health, is get toys made from similar materials. that way they can play with hefty wooden pieces and learn how to be safe around such materials. 

While renowned for their furniture, you can also purchase wooden toys from Amish Furniture Factory. Such toys can help kids learn about wood in a safe and enjoyably manner. 

Final verdict 

Is it worth having Amish furniture while your kids are still young? As long as you take the proper precautions with furniture and décor, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the quality and durability of Amish pieces while also have a house filled with small children. 

Proper safety precautions aren’t hard, either. child locks on drawers, avoiding tall furniture, anchoring pieces to walls or floors, and making sure large décor items and appliances can’t fall will go a long way to protecting both children and the furniture. 

Children are a handful, there is no question on that. You might question whether buying expensive and sturdy furniture is a good idea while also dealing with small children. as long as you take proper precautions, though, there is no reason you cannot enjoy both.  

If properly taken care of, there is no reason you can’t pass down those Amish pieces to the kids once they’ve grown up, after all. Taken care of kids can be a handful, but if you properly protect them, your furniture should be just as safe and well cared for as they are. 


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