Insomnia | Your Wall Color Could Be To Blame

Insomnia: your wall paper could be to blame!

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If you have recently moved, think very carefully about the interior design scheme you opt for… especially if, like me, you value your sleep! The color of your walls can have a big effect on how many hours of sleep you get per night, according to a new study conducted by Travelodge Hotels.

If purple, grey or brown are your favorite colors, you should consider very carefully if it is worth sacrificing a good night’s sleep to use these as wall your wall color! The research, which looked at 2,000 British homes, found that those with these colors get the least sleep per night. These colors are also more likely to induce nightmares and vivid dreams, leading to weariness when you do wake up!

People with blue wall paper typically get the most sleep according to the study, which is thought to be because this color is calming and tranquil. 58% with a blue wall color reported waking up feeling happy and revitalized. Other wall colors which are shown to help people sleep are yellow, green, silver and orange.

What’s more, the color of your walls goes even deeper psychologically than a good night’s sleep. The study uncovers other fascinating and unexpected facts, such as a fifth who have a silver décor in their bedroom said they are more motivated to exercise in their bedroom.

So if like me, you enjoy sleeping, and need a huge amount of motivation to go to the gym, you might consider changing your wall color as an easy fix!


Travelodge bedroom wall colour infographic

Travelodge Bedroom Wall Colour Infographic


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Oh boy I’m in trouble. I have a bright red accent wall in my bedroom… I have actually been wanting to get rid of it tho, just haven’t gotten around to it :/

  2. Rama A says

    WOW ! that’s so cool to know ! i didnot know all of these facts ! thanks for the review

  3. Rosie says

    I’m sure this is true! Also, even just feeling comfortable in other rooms, the colors can have a huge effect. Right now my walls are the color of cream, with a tiny bit of yellow to it, and it is nice. It can look different at various times of day, but it has a little bit of warmth to it. I love light blue ,but I don’t feel happy in a room that is blue! it feels cold and distant. Bright reds are jarring, brown and dark colors depressing. I’ve seen many pretty colors, though, but it is good to think about how you would feel in a whole room of that color, esp a bedroom!

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