Include Your Dog In Your New Year’s Resolution

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Beneful.

Setting a New Year’s Resolution and sticking to it can be hard. This year, try something different. This year set a New Year’s Resolution with your dog. After all, a dog is man’s best friend- and you simply can’t let your best friend down!

But how do you set a resolution with a dog? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Find A New Hobby – Does fido enjoy being outside? Start hiking more. Does he love the water? Kayaking is super easy to do and water loving dogs really enjoy tagging along. There are so many hobbies you can partake in and bring your dog along with you, you can even search for local groups that do awesome things with their dogs!

Better Your Oral Hygiene – The last time you went to the dentist, did she ask you if you flossed every day? I bet she did. I also bet you said yes- but that was a lie! Oral hygiene is very important, for humans and canines. Make a resolution to floss more often, and brush your dogs teeth every single day! This will also decrease their stinky breath!

Get Up & GO! – One of the most common New Years Resolutions (and most broken one) is to exercise more. If you plan to make that your resolution, incorporate your dog into it as well. Such as, plan to take your dog for a one mile walk five times per week!

Eat Healthier – We all know how to do it. Less processed foods, more real foods. Stick to fruit and veggies instead of chips and chocolate. In 2017 if you plan to try and eat healthier, make sure your dog does too. Check the ingredients on the bag. Find something affordable and healthy. I’d suggest the new Beneful recipes with real meat. Real beef or chicken is the #1 ingredient- plus, no added sugar.


  1. Makes me wish I still had a dog. Good things to think about.

  2. ellen beck says

    As often as I can we take the dog with us. He is getting older, but he loves to dig and to run and sniff. He likes going out to the country and we can let him loose at a friends house. I walk him alot, he is my walking buddy. He is a good boy and for me, taking him along is a natural thing.

  3. I can see how a dog could be a great motivator to get moving. They do wonders for emotional well being too!

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