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I Spy Castle for Nintendo DS


In I SPY Castle, fans uncover the fantastical story of an intriguing castle while playing 36 I SPY riddles set against 12 photo realistic and visually stunning castle scenes. 12 mini-games are hidden among the riddles and three logic puzzles unlock additional new rooms of the castle. Players can collect objects to solve puzzles, unlock rooms and complete riddles, and hint features assist players in finding the most challenging objects. The game is being distributed by Cokem International.

Since the first I SPY book, written by Jean Marzollo with photographs from Walter Wick, was published by Scholastic in 1991, the program has expanded to include 42 million books in print. Scholastic Media has developed the property into a best-selling global franchise – including an Emmy Award-winning television series that airs on HBO Family in the U.S. and has been sold in 31 countries worldwide. In addition to Nintendo DS ™, the best-selling I SPY interactive franchise includes product offerings on other platforms including Wii ™, Leapster, Leapster2, Leapster Explorer DS ™, and LeapFrog’s Tag Learning System, as well as apps for iPod touch ®, iPhone ® and iPad ®


Both older kids tried this game & while both enjoyed it, they had differing thoughts of the game. Micah tends to like fast, racing and adventure type games while Michaela loves the exploring, puzzle, and slower-paced games that don’t “stress” her out. So, it’s no surprise that they had this to say about the I Spy Castle DS game:

ispyispy2“I liked it a lot, but it was a little too easy at times for me. Overall, I think anyone ages 7-10 that likes puzzle games would find it really fun and challenging.” – Micah age 11 ½

“It’s an awesome & really fun, mystery game!  You have to solve the mystery, hatch some eggs, find some things, go into secret places, and you get to learn about history.  It’s like the I Spy books where there’s a list of stuff to find.  My favorite part of the game is finding secret places & the mystery of it all.”
– Michaela age 9


You can purchase a copy of I Spy Castel for $16.00 at Amazon.com (RV $19.99)

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