HP EcoFFICIENT Printer Paper

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Printing and computers go hand in hand. If you find that you are going through paper quickly and most of your printing is not “final draft” important… I have found a new paper product you might be interested in.

HP EcoFFICIENT paper meets your printing needs while being efficient to print and store.

Weighing in at 16 lb bond (60 g/m2), this paper is 20% lighter by the sheet and 10 pounds lighter by the carton compared to standard copy paper. This means it’s lighter to carry and more compact in the storage closet.


HP EcoFFICIENT paper is optimized for HP EcoSMART printers and compatible with all multifunction printers and copiers that support thin and lightweight paper.

Some of the advantages of using HP EcoFFICIENT paper in the office environment include:

• Delivers HP quality and reliability at a great value
• Fits more sheets in the paper tray for fewer refill interruptions
• Prints your jobs more efficiently while helping to reduce your impact on the environment
• Provides high whiteness for brighter, sharper text and colors
• Allows more sheets on pallets and trucks for more efficient shipping and distribution
• Is certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) HP EcoFFICIENT vs. standard 20 lb (75 g/m2) copy paper
• 125 more sheets per pack
• 8 more cartons per pallet (40,000 more sheets per pallet)
• 168 more cartons per truck (840,000 more sheets per truck)

Overall for most of my printing purposes this paper more than meets my needs. As you can see from the photo, it is rather thin so if you were printing a final draft of an essay to class you might want to switch out your supply, but for my needs this is more than sufficient.

In the end, digital is best for the environment, but if you need to have a physical copy of something for yourself… why not make a smaller impact on the environment and go with HP EcoFFICIENT paper?


You can purchase HP EcoFFICIENT paper by the cast at Shoplet


  1. We have an HP printer that we absolutely love so I would be very interested in trying this paper.

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