How You Can Ensure Your Loved Ones Keep Their Independence

When a family member is having difficulty taking care of oneself, it can be challenging for both them and you to provide care. Your mission is to support them to the greatest extent possible without interfering with their ability to make decisions for themselves. Here are some strategies to ensure your loved one receives what they need while maintaining their freedom. 

  • Food services can be arranged for your relatives. This is where people can place all of their food orders online and have them delivered directly to their door. There are even businesses that send ready-made meals to people who struggle to cook, so all they have to do is heat it up. These services are great for people who are housebound or unable to transport large amounts of groceries home.
  • If a caregiver is required, engaging an outside caregiver to assist with specific tasks may be a good alternative. When it comes to intimate matters like going to the toilet, it’s sometimes easier to accept assistance from someone you don’t know since it preserves their dignity. You can read more about CDS and how it can benefit your loved one here. Speak to your loved one about their preferences and, if needed, seek assistance.
  • Being unable to walk far might be an issue your loved one is experiencing, and if you’re unable to collect them or take them on days out, they will soon begin to feel cooped up in their home. Consider helping them choose a mobility scooter, which will allow them to go anywhere they like without the risk of becoming tired and stranded.
  • Over bed tables are ideal for folks who need to sit or are confined to their beds. Because of this, they have the freedom to keep all of the items they want close at hand while they are alone. TV remotes, beverages, snacks, and books may all be simply placed on there for quick access. 
  • Your loved ones will be able to live as independently as possible if you install assistive devices in their house. You can aid your elderly loved one tremendously by providing them with things like stair lifts, shower seats, handrails, support arms, wheelchair trays, and lower tables and countertops. Remember to speak with them to see if there is anything you can do to make their lives simpler.
  • Listening to and following their requests is vital. Just because they’re having difficulties with certain elements of their lives doesn’t imply they can’t make their own decisions. It’s hard to fathom not being able to make your own decisions. Even while it may seem more convenient to do everything for them, you must learn to accept their desire to accomplish things on their own.
  • Finally, keep in mind that whatever circumstance you’re in, it’s far more difficult for them than it is for you. Allow your loved ones the same amount of space, decency, and respect that you would demand for yourself. Allow them to be self-sufficient.

As you can see, it’s not as hard as it may seem to help your loved ones keep their independence – for whatever reason! Use these ideas to help maintain dignity and overall well-being.


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