How to Use Your Life Insurance for Retirement

It’s understandable if getting insurance cover is not on your mind. Still, you should also know that other than paying for your death, there are other critical factors as to why you need to take insurance cover for your retirement. When you retire, you should consider how your money will help you survive without work. The simple dollar can help you understand the benefit of taking an insurance cover. Simple dollar explains that the cash value grows over time and can be withdrawn as a source of income when you retire. You should make sure that the amount of money you withdraw is not too much to exceed your premium amount. Moreover, you must member that you will have to pay premium policies with your cash value.  

How to use life insurance for retirement  

As you grow old, you need to plan for the future so that you don’t end up bankrupt when you are retired. You will be required to plan for two life stages; the first one being the accumulation phase and one where you earn income from the wealth you have amassed.  

Accumulation phase  

  • If you are searching for insurance coverage for life together with survival and maturity benefits, you could opt for a whole life plan.  
  • If your main objective is to look for defined assurance and tax benefits, you could opt for endowment plans which provide either minimum bonuses or a full-guaranteed amount.  
  • If your aim is on the higher quadrant of the risks and returns matrix, you could invest in ULIPs.  

The phase where you utilize the funds for income during retirement  

When you retire, you could benefit from the money you have been saving. In this phase, you earn a regular income, so your event years get smooth. The main thing in this phase is the annuity plan. 

Annuity plan 

Annuities are generally designed to issue you with guaranteed income during the retirement period. Since an annuity plan is for life typically safeguards you from living your savings. Some of the attractive variants are; 

  • Return on purchase price on death policyholder to the nominee. You could seek services from Orthodox Funeral Services when you want to plan for your death payment and how it will be handled when you are gone.  
  • When you have retirement savings, you can invest in an annuity. This is usually referred to as immediate annuity, where you get the pension with one year of the premium amount being paid.  
  • If you still have some years to retirement, you can choose any of the deferred annuity plans.  


When you already have a whole life insurance policy where you have accumulated enough money, converting it into an annuity will issue you with a lifetime stream of income. However, you need to know if you need regular payouts before you convert your money. If you don’t need regular payouts, you don’t have to. If you only need cash infusion, it will be simpler for you to borrow from your account or withdraw from your account instead.  

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