How To Use CBD Oil When It’s New For Your Pets 

As pet parents, many people are considering the broad range of CBD products on the market for use with their furry friends because of the widespread opinion that these offer among the best options for pet health and wellness. Some have done so based on their own success from the use of the cannabinoid.  

With more evidence coming forward indicating that cannabidiol might potentially work comparably in humans and many animals due to similar anatomical functioning for mammals and a few other species, parents are comfortable using pet lines of the “herbal remedy” that have been reducing their own symptoms.  

Anecdotally, the reports suggest there are positive outcomes in the animal population. Thus far, independent vet studies and the few clinical studies that are complete concur. 

It’s merely a matter of researching to find a quality pet line along with a trustworthy brand in order to treat your pet right and assure the animal enjoys the best quality of life. Ideally, you should use products that are created specifically for your pet to ensure the animal is receiving the ingredients necessary for their species instead of giving your fur baby some of your human products. 

CBD For Pets 

While the official clinical studies for cats and dogs specifically (these are the most common domestic companions) are only starting, countless pet parents have spoken positively relating to the benefits their pets experience with CBD for overall health and wellness. 

The advantages many have seen include maintaining sleep, skin/coat, behavior, pain perception, mood, immunity, inflammatory response, and so much more.  

The various pet lines offer flavors and formulas that are enticing for the pets to make administration easier. But you must see the animal’s vet first to make sure the compound is right for your companion.  

Each species or breed or even the individual is different, and some pets might not be tolerant of the substance in any dosage. So it is advisable to consult a vet before you Shop cbd oil or any other CBD product. The vet will be able to help you determine dosage and lead you in the direction of quality brands. 

But the professional will also monitor the animal for adverse reactions and advise if you need to discontinue as well. When you initiate CBD, you should do so with a small dose and move up at a slow and gradual pace. Go to this link for “faqs” on cannabidiol and the products. Some tips for starting “treatment” include:  


  • Read: After you talk with the vet and have clearance to begin cannabidiol and you find the right brand and quality products, you must read all the packaging literature, including everything written on the container.  

Tinctures are the standard formula for pets. These come in glass bottles with a dropper. You will want to read the bottle too. Although the vet will give his dose recommendation, the package from the manufacturer will also have a dosing guideline for the animal. Make sure to start with the recommended amount. 

  • Dose: It is essential to begin with the minimum recommended dose and stay true to that amount for no less than a month before any adjustments take place. It takes time for the body to acclimate to a substance. You will not know if there are any genuine effects from the CBD until the body has accumulated a buildup. If, after that time, you see no improvements where you are hoping to, you can adjust slightly.

You need to remain in the daily recommended limits when adjusting and only bump up a couple of drops followed by another few weeks waiting period at that same dose to determine the effects of the dosing. 

If you stick within the recommended daily limits, you can provide your animal with other options in the CBD pet line, including treats along with the tinctures, or make different choices altogether. The application will take experimenting and some trial-and-error. Learn if CBD can help your pet with a few guidelines outlined here. 

In some cases, a cat or dog can prove to be especially picky or finicky, simply refusing to let you give the drops from a tincture. In those cases, treats or chews might be your only recourse. You can also add the drops to their food or water. However, the administration takes place, make sure the fur baby ingests an entire dose with the application. 

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