How to Travel with Jewelry: Tips for Keeping Everything Safe and Organized 

Are you planning to travel to attend a fancy gala? Do you want to make a vacation worth remembering by proposing during the trip? 

Reports show the US ranked second for outbound travel with Americans spending over $135 billion on overseas tourism. While it’s the smart move to leave your valuables at home, some occasions entail you to bling up. Thus, many are traveling with jewelry. 

Below, we’ve got some tips for those who want to learn how to travel with jewelry. 

  1. Store Valuables in Unassuming Containers

Don’t want to use jewelry boxes or anything too obvious? Anything from an empty pill case to an empty lip balm container works well to keep jewelry organized. Try an empty Tic Tac tin filled with cotton or a fishing tackle container. 

If it has the right size, enough compartments, and a sealing mechanism, it will work. Unassuming containers also throw off thieves. You can do the same with the emergency money you want to store. 

If you can’t find something that has compartments, that’s fine. Use a travel soap dish or a glasses case instead. However, these bigger cases without sections may cause some tangling. 

Are you planning to propose to your significant other during the trip? Do you want TSA to keep the ring discreet when they search your bags? Try putting a note around the box. 

  1. Organize Necklaces With Plastic Straws 

Are you a person who loves wearing necklaces? They’re great for looking fabulous however storing those for travel can be troublesome. Well, you might not know it but plastic straws can help you out a ton. 

Let’s learn how to travel with jewelry like necklaces using straws. Take as many plastic straws as the necklaces you’re packing. Put one end through the straw and then fasten the clasp. 

Now, you need not trouble yourself with untangling them before you head out of your hotel room. 

  1. Avoid the Loss of Stud Earring Backs

Do you enjoy switching up your earrings? Stud earrings look great on anyone. However, we all know that the real tragedy is when you lose the backs or locks. 

If you want to learn how to pack jewelry for travel without losing any part of it, use corks. Pierce the ends of your stud earrings into the material to keep it secure. Remember to keep it in a small pocket in your bag so the earrings don’t fall off. 

Erasers are a great alternative if you have any you aren’t using. Do you want someplace to store your dangling earrings too? Use a Styrofoam plate to stick both studs and dangling earrings through. 

  1. Lock Every Ring Together

Don’t let traveling stop you from bringing your sophisticated diamond cocktail rings to your trips. They’re vital for you to look great in your photos. A ring is especially essential if you’re planning to propose to a loved one during the trip. 

If you want to learn how to pack jewelry with simple items, this is it. Use a carabiner to keep your rings together. You can even use it for bracelets and necklaces looped through twice. 

Yet another simple and low-cost alternative is the O-ring. They’re the metal ring clips you often use for crafts and school projects. Open it, slip on your aquamarine ring, and pack it into your luggage. 

  1. Bags Abound

The best way to travel with jewelry is to use a jewelry bag. Their sole purpose is to keep and secure your jewelry. Buy one made of silk or cotton to keep your jewelry scratch-free and safe. 

If you want to keep things waterproof, a Ziploc bag does the job well. If you can find tiny Ziploc bags, use them to store necklaces. Use one bag per necklace to keep them tangle-free. 

A plastic quart bag is also great for keeping jewelry. You can even use old baseball cardholders if you’ve got extra sheets lying around. Make sure you seal the open ends with tape to keep your charms from spilling out. 

  1. How to Travel With Jewelry Without Losing Space 

Jewelry packing doesn’t have to take up more space than you have. If you’re packing socks anyway, slip your jewelry in. Remember to check your socks for any stud earrings before you use them. 

If you’re packing a washcloth, there’s a clever way to use them for your jewelry too. Lay the washcloth flat on a surface. Place your necklaces on the washcloth, stretched to span the washcloth and separate from each other. 

Next, roll the washcloth from one side to the other end. When you’re done, fold the entire roll into two. The last step is to keep it rolled up with a pair of rubber bands. 

Now, you’ve rolled up your washcloth like a packing expert. At the same time, you’re keeping your necklaces and bracelets organized and safe.  

  1. Roll ‘Em All Up

Jewelry rolls are great for compartmentalizing your jewelry for travel. Plus, they already have sections you could zipper close to keep things from tangling up. You can also buy hanging jewelry cases, which work like a cosmetic case. 

However, they can be expensive and not worth the money if you don’t always travel. If you aren’t using a toiletry or cosmetic case, use it for jewelry instead. Or, you can also create a DIY jewelry roll. 

For example, Glad Press ‘N Seal works well for organizing necklaces. Place your jewelry on one half of the wrap with spaces between them for sealing. Fold it in half and seal between the pieces. 

  1. Use Foil and Paper 

Do you want to know how to pack jewelry for travel with everyday items? 

Take an old, unused business card or index card. Push in earrings and then create small cuts at the ends to organize your necklaces. If you’ve got an incomplete playing card set, you might as well put some pieces to good use.  

Foil is great for keeping everything in place. Use it to wrap up or roll your rings and necklaces. You can also use foil or paper cupcake liners to separate your smaller jewelry.  

Look Amazing on Your Travels 

Now, you know how to travel with jewelry while keeping them organized and safe. 

It’s always a good idea to travel with as few pieces of jewelry as possible. If you want to bling up, remember to only bring with you jewelry you’re willing to lose. Of course, the exception is engagement rings. 

We hope you found this post on jewelry packing enjoyable and informative. If you want to see more tips like this, check out the rest of our guides now. 

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