How to Support a Fellow Mom Through Challenging Times

Moms are superheroes; they can juggle several tasks at the same time and still wear genuine smiles when their little ones walk up to them in the middle of it all. They devote their time to being kind, empathic, and strong to keep everyone at home happy and comfortable. But just like superheroes in comics, moms also cry. 


The journey of motherhood is filled with many ups and downs. You may love your kids fiercely but still have those moments when you’re so overwhelmed emotionally or physically. During such moments, you want to shut the door, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a faraway land where life is much easier. There have probably been times when you cried in the bathroom or cried yourself to sleep at night.  

Luckily, some moms have been able to overcome the strains of motherhood through their faith. They find a place of rest and inner peace and hold unto it with all their hearts. As moms who went through difficult times and emerged strong, we can tell when other moms out there are struggling. We know the signs because we literally lived them. But as much as we’d love to jump in and help, we hold back because we wouldn’t want to intrude into someone else’s life or privacy. This article will show you ways to help a fellow mom who’s struggling so she knows she’s not alone.        

  • Help Her Babysit 

Many moms find it difficult to ask for help with their kids because they don’t want to be a burden. Others are so overwhelmed that they don’t know what to ask for when someone offers to help. One great way to help a mom during trying times is by offering to watch her kids.  

You may only have one or two hours to spare, but a mom in need of the help will appreciate it a lot. Even if she declines your offer, you’d be helping her a great deal by letting her know that someone cares.     

  • Send Her a Gift 

Gifts speak volumes; they make the other person realize that you care for them. So, consider sending a gift to the mom you know is facing difficult times. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. You can send her an Uber Eats gift card so she can order from anywhere whenever she feels she can’t cook.  

You can communicate a more specific message by sending her a gold cross necklace to remind her that keeping her faith close to her heart is a great way to scale the hurdles. Other gifts to consider sending to a fellow mom are lip balms, magazines, cozy slippers, or hand cream.   

Also, a few kind words on a card can make a big difference. You can send her a card in the mail or drop one off in person. Reminding a fellow mom of the love around her can make her feel a lot stronger.       

  • Listen to Her 

Many people are quick to offer advice to people facing difficulties so they can see the silver lining in their situations. But sometimes, what a mom really wants is someone to listen.  

You can offer to take her out to lunch and let her vent without trying to fix things for her. Remember, you’re primarily there to listen. So don’t share stories that don’t relate to the situation the other mom is facing. But if you have a relatable story, go ahead and share. She might be able to learn a thing or two from it.  

  • Give Her a Treat 

When a mom is struggling, a bit of relief from the situation might be what she needs to get her thinking straight again. You can get some wine and snacks and show up for a girls’ night. You can even take her for a spa season or to see a movie she loves.  

Ensure that the activity you choose fits her and her situation. For instance, a mom who’s battling a severe illness may not benefit much from attending a noisy party that involves a lot of dancing. But she may appreciate a brunch or spa day.           

  • Help Her With Grocery Shopping 

Grocery shopping can be stressful for moms, especially new moms or those with toddlers. There’s always something to pick up at the store but never enough time to go out and get them. One way to help a struggling mom is by offering to help her with grocery shopping.  

You can ask her to send you a list of the things she needs so you can drop them off for her at home. You’d be making her load feel lighter and showing her that you ca

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