How to Shop for Security Services

You need professional security to feel safe in your home. Especially when you have little ones to protect, knowing that security professionals are at your beck and call is a major source of relief.  

Unfortunately, not all security firms are created equal. In fact, it isn’t difficult to find horror stories of professional security failing to respond to a legitimate threat or overreacting to homeowners entering their own properties. You want security you can trust — security that will keep the bad guys out and the good guys in — which means you need to be careful how you choose the security you use. 

Even if you want security yesterday, it’s worth the time and effort to shop for security services smartly. Here are a few good tips to help you identify what security services you need, where you can find them and whom you can trust. 

Know What You Need 

Security services come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate every homeowner’s security needs — which means you need to know what you need before you start shopping, or else you could sign up for services that don’t help you feel any safer.  

Think about what you want security for. Is it because your kids are often home alone, and you need assurance that they’re safe? Is it because your home is filled with valuables, and you want to prevent against break-ins? Is it because you live in a high-risk area and don’t want any kind of crime in your backyard? Any one of these would warrant investment in professional Houston security services 

Once you understand why you are seeking professional security, you can start listing out what services are right for you. You might want to place alarms on all windows and doors, install CCTV cameras around your property or have a security guard drive around your neighborhood regularly. You might want remote access to your security system, or you might want a third party to control every aspect of it. You should try to develop a holistic picture of your ideal security solution, so you will have a target to hit while you shop. 

Know Where to Find It 

Smart home security is exceedingly popular these days because of its widespread accessibility and ease of use. Indeed, you can invest in smart home tools, like cameras, locks, doorbells and window sensors by finding them at your local tech retailer or online, and you can set them up within an hour or so — but it’s important to remember that DIY security solutions don’t always do what you need them to. They might seem appealing because they give you full control over your security, but because there is typically no third party monitoring your property, you are fully responsible for keeping your home safe— which often means your home is just as susceptible to crime as it was without smart security. 

For more serious security services, you should consider contracting a local security provider, who can offer professional installation of security tools as well as third-party monitoring of your property. You can also shop for these services online, using professional rating and review websites. You might also ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations, to see if they have a security solution they like.  

Know Whom You Can Trust 

You shouldn’t automatically sign papers with the first security firm you encounter. Instead, you should thoroughly vet your options to ensure you trust that you will receive the thorough security you require. First, you should perform online research to see how previous and current clients enjoy the services they receive. Then, when you contact sales or customer service, you can ask some of the following questions, which should establish how much you can trust the company: 

  • What is the agency’s primary security focus? Most security providers concentrate on a single field within security, and that field should align with your interests.  
  • Is the company licensed and insured? Most states require this, so a lack of proper licensing and insurance is a huge red flag. 
  • How are the security guards evaluated and trained? If you have security drive by or walk through your property regularly, you want to know how they are prepared to keep you safe. 

By asking these questions, you will get a sense for the company’s customer service and potentially grow closer with the firm you choose. By the end of your shopping experience, you should feel confident in your choice of a security provider, which will help you breathe easier whether you are in your home or away. 

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