How To Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Hello!  I just wanted to introduce myself!  My name is Enza and I currently run and own  I like to write about bargains, deals, being a mom, saving money, and more!   It is that time of year where we need to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party and we need to do it on a budget!

When planning a Birthday Party on a budget it can be quite easy!  At least, I tend to think so.  My family lives in a very small house and it is not equipped for entertaining.  So in order to have the party I want to have for my kid, we have to find another location to celebrate.  So I created a simple to do list on how to get started.

birthday_party11. Create your invitation list.  Remember to include children and adults.

2.  Decide on a budget.  $100, $200, or $300?  What do you have to spend?  Then after you have decided on a budget, take that number and divide it by the number of guests.  I find this easier when planning a party and looking for a location.  This will give you your budget per person.

3.  Now since you know how much you have to spend for each person…stay UNDER that number.  If you only have a few bucks one option might be a Birthday Fiesta with Chips/Salsa and Tacos.  Tacos are cheap and if you don’t want to cook order 30 tacos from your favorite Mexican Restaurant on a taco Tuesday.  Have the celebration at night with a piñata and birthday cake!  Party favors don’t have to be expensive.  They can be crafty!  Don’t make them yourself and have the kids make them!  You can do picture frames, cupcake decoration, or even the Candy to Go from the Pinata! Kids also love contests!

4.  Birthday Party Entertainment: Loud Music & Activities!

5.  Decoration: Homemade from the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy themselves with balloons!  Don’t want to get helium?  Instead, hang them by a string upside-down from the ceiling!

Other great and frugal birthday ideas:

–Pizza!  Call the pizza shop nearest you and ask them if they can take care of the sodas (I have never been told “no”)!!
–Buffett Style (Italian, Mongolian, etc.): They will also negotiate soda and let you bring a cake!  So you could get away with under $6-$10 a person (even cheaper for the kids)!
–Picnic: Actually cheaper to do fast food.  Not the healthiest choice, but a great idea!  Make your own fries and order a bunch of $1 Menu Cheeseburgers!  Make a dirt cake and for a girl put it in a bright pink flowerpot with flowers and candles!  Party favors?  Have the kids decorate their own little pots and bring mini chocolate cupcakes that fit perfect it them! Have them top it off with flowers!  Gummy Worms are great candy snacks too!

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  1. Tara says

    Great ideas, always nice to save money on things that can so easily get overdone and cost a fortune.

  2. Sabrina Radke says

    these are some really great tips and I have a party for my oldest coming up soon! Perfect timing! Thanks!

  3. Well…I must be the Queen of cheap. 😉

    I always planned my children’s parties to start at 1:30 so there was never a meal involved. Cake, ice cream and snacks. This time of year is perfect, too. It can be done outside. Both of mine were winter babies, so we partied in the house.

  4. Shakeeta W says

    These are some great ideas! Once we get a house, I’ll know what to do (it’s really hard to hold a birthday party in a tiny apartment!).

  5. Tt says

    Awesome ideas! My newphews party is coming up and this is so helpful!

  6. Lynnette Watkins says

    Very helpful information. I 3 birthdays this summer and I trying to combine the ones in July to save money,

  7. Lisa Davis says

    Love these ideas! Love the flowerpot themed idea especially, wish I had done flowerpot party favors for my girls garden themed birthday last year. Their birthday is coming up in a couple months so this post is perfectly timed for me, thank you!

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