How to Model a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Kids

When you are a mom, you are passing down more than your DNA to your kids. They also learn from you your habits, whether those are good or bad. You can show your love to your kids by modeling a healthier lifestyle. In the process, you can improve your own lifestyle as well. 

Helping Kids Away from Home 

You can still model a healthy lifestyle even if your kids are living away from home. For example, if you have college students, you might encourage them to use telehealth for dealing with mental health issues. You can look over a guide on coping strategies for stress and anxiety for college students. Because these things can affect academic success, it is important to encourage your kids to seek the mental health assistance they need. 

Model Great Eating Habits 

Encourage the whole family to make the right eating habits. Eating a wide variety of foods is more than just an interesting way to add some variety to your diet. It is also healthy to have a balanced diet. Help your children understand that eating colorful foods ensures they receive the right nutrition as well. Of course, not every meal needs to have a rainbow of colors. Still, having your family eat many different fruits and vegetables is healthier. 

It is also a good idea to avoid having your family skip breakfast. Encouraging your kids to have regular meals means they are more likely to continue that during their older years. Show them how important a healthy breakfast is. It can keep them strong and prevent chronic diseases while kickstarting their energy levels for the day. It is a good idea to have foods high in fiber, but make sure you keep an eye out for the sugar content in many breakfast cereals. 

Encourage Physical Activity 

Add some regular physical activity to your routine to encourage your kids to do the same. Remember, not all kids love sports, and many don’t like gym class either. Still, if they see you are active and having fun with it, it is easier to be physically active. If they find something they love, they can carry these habits into adulthood. 

For example, perhaps your child doesn’t want to be on a swim team, but they may love playing in the neighborhood pool during the summers. Or even if they don’t like playing soccer, they might love the idea of running around a local park. Encourage your child to try new things if they haven’t found something they love to keep them active. 

Try to avoid letting them sit on the couch watching TV or playing video games. Instead, encourage them to get outside and take a walk or play. If kids watch too much TV during the day, they could be at a higher risk of obesity since they won’t be moving around. And exercise helps the brain as well, so being active can help the brain function better. And it will help them fall asleep faster at night too. 

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