How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During the Summer 

Summer means longer, lighter days, the much-anticipated arrival of vacations that we’ve been looking forward to all year long, and the opportunity to finally get a suntan after looking whiter than a vampire for the most of the year so far. That said, the summer months are not always best friends with our skin. 

The heat and the humidity can dry your skin out in any case and if you factor in all of the additional showers you will be taking because you feel so hot and uncomfortable then you will wind up with skin that is rougher and tougher than sandpaper.

If you want to maintain soft, healthy looking skin, and ensure that your skin is well taken care of for the future then there are several practices that you can follow:

Protect Against the Sun

It’s understandable that you want to come back off vacation with that exotic, sun-kissed glow, however lathering yourself in oil and laying on the balcony of your vacation rental turning over at regular intervals like a rotisserie chicken is not really the answer. Sunburn causes permanent damage to your skin, and if you burn then your skin will peel, making it drier than ever and not to mention, make it look unsightly. Nobody ever has considered it attractive when someone has skin so burnt and dry that they can peel layers off like a snake shedding its skin. 

Apply a daily sunscreen throughout the summer months with an SPF protection of at least 15. You can get anti-sweat sunscreens that offer more longevity. Many sunscreens also offer moisturizing properties so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Drink Lots and Lots of H2O 

This is the key rule for keeping skin hydrated. If you ignore this then you may as well not even bother taking into consideration the other suggestions for hydrating your skin! A dehydrated body causes dehydrated skin. 

The recommended amount of water that you should consume each day is at least 1 liters bit you should consider increasing that when the temperatures are high, particularly if you are going to be out and about beneath the sun’s rays. If you’re bored of water, you can mix it up a little by adding a slice of lemon, or a squirt of freshly squeezed lime juice into the mix. 


You should cleanse, tone and moisturize your face every day anyway if you don’t want skin that is rougher than an old leather handbag by the age of 40. In the summer months though, sometimes your regular moisturizer just isn’t cutting it. 

You can consider giving your skin a little hydration boost by using a more intensive night cream, or a matcha tea face mask which you can leave on the face for 10-15 minutes to give you the boost you’re looking for. 

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate!

Exfoliating seems to be a step that so many people miss out of their skincare routine but it is imperative to ensure that you remove dead, dull skin cells from your face. By exfoliating, you minimize the risk of clogged pores as a result of a build-up of dead skin, and your moisturizer will be more effective and spread more evenly across your face. 

Be Picky About Hygiene Products

Of course, when you use soaps, shower gels and other beauty products it makes sense that you want to use things that leave you smelling fresher than a meadow filled with flowers on a spring afternoon, however, perfumes and artificial ingredients inside beauty products and soaps can be harsh on our skills and dry it out. Extremely scented soaps can strip our skin of its natural oils and have adverse effects so you should try and use natural soaps and those that are fragrance-free. 

Get Your Vitamin C

Have you ever noticed how you feel more inspired to eat and be healthy during the summer? This is the time to feast on fruits and other delicious vitamin rich products and fortunately, this is the time when they are in season! Citrus fruits and fresh vegetables are jam-packed with vitamin C which is essential for protecting your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and help your skin to retain more moisture and elasticity. 

Consider Taking Supplements 

You should try and take a healthy, balanced diet since what you eat certainly plays a role in impacting your skin. However, with that said, if you are looking for a little extra vitamin boost then supplements are a good way to go about getting that. In particular, vitamins such as vitamin C (as mentioned above), vitamin E and zinc play a role in your skin (and overall body) health. Taking vitamins just once or twice a day can make a substantial difference. 

Look After Sun Burnt Skin

Sometimes even the best intentions in the world lead to less than positive outcomes. Maybe you did your best to avoid the sun, you donned a huge sun hat every time you went outside and you applying sunscreen, yet you’ve still got sunburn on your face that has you looking like a sun-dried tomato. 

These things happen. The most important thing is to be sure that you take care of your skin after it has been exposed to the sun. That includes applying a generous amount of nourishing after sun products like those that contain Aloe Vera. This not only soothes the skin but also injects that much-needed moisture back into it. 

Keep these tips in mind and your skin is likely to stay hydrated and radiant throughout the entire summer.

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