How To Keep Your Bathroom Tiles Glowing

Tiles can transform your bathroom into an exciting space. Available in different colors, bathroom tiles can complement your home’s viral decor. Bathroom tiles keep off the mold. They also protect the walls from water. Thus, if you haven’t thought about bringing tiles into your bathroom, you are missing a lot. Choose the right tiles. Whether it’s ceramic, copper, or glass, tiles are great additions to your bathroom. Keep them clean and make your bathroom cozy. The above are top tips and tricks for keeping your bathroom tiles shining. 

Use The Right Cleansers 

Cleaning tiles is not easy. However, that doesn’t mean resorting to hash chemicals. If you are not careful, harsh chemicals can ruin your bathroom tiles. They can damage the finish of your tiles. Instead, stick to the right cleansers. Damp sponge mops are ideal for cleaning bathroom tiles. Dip them in soapy water. Preferably, use warm water. Always, use neutral cleansers. Avoid acidic cleaners. Also, don’t use non-alkaline cleansers. Acid can make the marble polish in tiles look too dull. 

Use Mats 

Protect your tiles, especially at the entryway, with a doormat. Also, rugs in the entryway of the bathroom can protect the tiles from extreme dirt and mud from outside. Mats will keep dirt and mud away from the bathroom tiles. 

Rugs will also take the dust off when you come home and get into the bathroom. Placing them at the door will protect your bathroom tiles. Consider dusting your rugs after every few days to keep your tiles sparkling clean. 

Apply A Sealant 

Install the tiles correctly. Apply a sealant to keep off materials from penetrating between them. According to experts, you should opt for ceramic tiles since they are glazed. There is no water or any other liquid that can penetrate their surfaces. However, if your tiles are not grazed, apply a sealant to protect them. A sealant makes them water-resistant. Also, it gives them powerful oil-resisting properties. 

Deep Clean Them 

Once a month, deep clean your tiles. Use brushes, cleaners, as well as the right disinfectants to deep clean your tiles. However, don’t overdo it. It can strip their glaze, making them look dull. 

Have Extra Tiles 

Anything can happen to your tiles. Thus, you need spares in case one or two tiles are damaged. Keep the extra tiles in a safe place. Plus, it will be hard to get the exact color in the market after a few years. Remember, if a section of tiles is damaged, you may end up replacing all of them if you don’t have extras. 

Key Takeaway 

Bathroom tiles are not hard to maintain. You only need to follow a few steps. Regular cleaning will make them glitter. Also, don’t use acid-based cleaning detergents. They will damage your tiles. 

The Bottom-Line 

Tiles will instantly change your bathroom. Bathroom tiles come in different sizes, colors, and types. Thus, choose tiles that will make your bathroom better. Also, for optimal results, clean your bathroom tiles always. Clean them regularly. Use the right detergents when cleaning your bathroom tiles. Use the above tips and tricks to clean your bathroom tiles.  


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