How to Keep Kids Safe Inside Shopping Centers 

A family outing to the shopping mall can be an exciting time for your children. As parents, you want your kids to enjoy their freedom and have fun at the mall. However, you might also be concerned about their safety, especially if your kids are pretty young. Numerous risks are present inside a shopping mall. You’ll want to keep a close eye on your children and ensure they don’t endanger themselves. 

Shopping malls are vast and crowded. If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to lose sight of your kids as they run into a store or blend in with the crowds. However, that doesn’t mean shopping malls are inherently dangerous. As long as you take the necessary precautions, these shopping trips with your kids will remain safe and enjoyable. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep your little ones safe during a mall excursion: 

Stay Close 

While it might seem obvious, especially to new parents, always keep your kids nearby inside malls. Young children are full of energy and want to explore areas as much as they possibly can. Large shopping centers like the Newmarket Mall are the perfect environment for kids to roam and run around.  

Allow your kids to explore while they have some distance away from you. Just don’t let them get too far away from you, as things can go awry pretty quickly. Instruct your kids to have fun, but don’t venture off too far away from your location. That way, you will keep them in a secure position at all times.  


Shopping malls are not becoming smaller anytime soon. There are constant renovations to make malls larger and more accommodating. In almost every mall, escalators are installed to expedite transportation. Kids will inevitably become excited at the sight of an escalator, eager to try out these moving sets of stairs. 

When traversing any set of escalators, always make sure that your kids are secure. You don’t want them going up or down without reassurance, especially if they are unfamiliar with it. During the short escalator trip, hold onto their hands or let them rest on your upper body.  

Shopping Carts  

After your family discovers a store of interest, head inside and take a stroll throughout the setting. If you have errands to run or things to buy, make sure you get a shopping cart. While this handy little device may be efficient for store runs, it can present a risk to kids inside of them.  

To maximize a given amount of security inside the shopping cart, teach your kids the proper etiquette. Don’t let your children ride on the side or sit at the back of the cart. This improper sitting position amplifies the chance that they harm themselves in an unfortunate manner.  

Store Displays  

Many stores in a shopping mall will often promote their services via store displays or platforms. These can look incredibly appealing to customers of all walks of life. Moreover, they might look like the perfect opportunity for kids to exploit in some manner. It may seem enticing, but make sure your children behave appropriately. 

Your kids should stay clear of all the store displays in your present visibility. One wrong move may lead to them climbing up a platform to a dangerous height. If they fall off this platform, they may seriously injure themselves. Should your kids become a bit curious about these displays, hold their hand and approach them instead.  


Despite their sturdy appearance, elevators can be even riskier than escalators. Recent studies have shown that elevators are a leading cause of children’s accidents each year. As a result, make sure that there is an established routine set when your family enters one.  

First, all of your kids should be physically secured, allowing you all to move in as a single unit. Don’t let them play with the buttons inside the elevator either, as this can be a nuisance to other patrons. Once the doors open on your desired floor, secure everyone again and walk out slowly.  

Phone Numbers  

In the event of an emergency, your children should always have your contact information readily available. Give them their own smartphone if they are capable of using one. If they are too young, write down your number on a piece of paper and have them keep it on them. You never know when a crisis, especially one at a mall, may occur after all!  


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