How to Go about Cash Flow Management during the COVID-19 Crisis

The entire humankind is going through a challenging time, one that no one was prepared for. The COVID-19 crisis got the planet under its clutches and changed our world entirely. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers now dominate our everyday vocabulary. Recession and a sharp decline in the GDP of several nations is the flavor of the season. People are losing their jobs by the minute, and industries are shutting down their operations. No one knows how many more months or years it shall take to finally go back to what we knew as our normal. 

Speaking of which, it becomes imperative to discuss at length the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on cash flow management in banks and businesses. Organizations are quickly changing their fundamental values and core beliefs to adjust to the new normal. The pandemic has led to seismic shifts across industries in every vertical, and that is what has also changed the way banks and industries manage their cash flow.  

However, there are a few things that one must keep in mind while going about their cash management techniques. In the article that we have brought to you today, we shall look at some of the ways in which you can manage your company’s cash flow at the face of challenges. 


What Do the Experts Suggest?  

Before we begin discussing the various ways to manage your business’s cash flow, let us first look at what experts suggest about the same. 

Some financial experts say that it is incredibly important to monitor short-term cash planning in the face of adversities. This is so that when the market is changing in these difficult times, a business can quickly make financial decisions and adjust to the same financially. Short and accurate monitoring of cash flow helps businesses to thrive and flourish even when the times look bleak, and the economy is in tatters. 

Now that we have spoken a bit about the importance of cash management and monitoring cash flow, let us look at the ways to efficiently manage cash flow in these times. 

You Must Analyze Your Cash Flow:   

The very first thing that needs to be done is to analyze the cash flow of your organization so that appropriate and corrective measures can be implemented. There are a few positions that need to be optimized as quickly as possible. Let us have a look at these positions over the next sections of the articles.  

Commercial Receivables 

The first position that you need to work out is commercial receivables. Work out the old balance on your cash timeline. Initially, your clients would have paid you immediately for each transaction.  

However, under these financially harrowing circumstances, your clients might not be able to pay you immediately. In that case, you need to work out these factors since they shall have an impact on the cash flow of your business. This is how you go about the techniques of cash distribution and cash flow management. 

Inventory Management 

The second position that you need to consider is inventory management. You must remember that too much of stock means a lot of money left on the table. In times as such, you cannot afford to lose out on your money or add on to your stock.  

Therefore, the trick is to find out a balance where you can go about your business activity without disrupting the supply chain and establish a minimum stock value as well. It might sound tricky, but it is mandatory to take your stock into account to optimize cash flow. 

Commercial Debts and Purchases 

The next factors that you need to optimize to manage your cash flow are your commercial debts and purchases. It is important to opt for a payment plan in this period that is spread over an extended period. This shall help you manage your debts efficiently. 

You must also take care of your purchases and consider other options if possible. Make sure to make purchases that are absolutely essential for your business. Work out a detailed plan of purchases and managing debts, and you shall be able to manage your cash flow. 

Fixed Costs and Investments 

The final position that you need to consider for your business is that of fixed costs and investments. Try and see if you can convert your fixed costs into variable costs, and also study your investment plans.  

Try to come to a settlement about your investments with your banks. Banks and financial institutions have been asked to support companies under these dire circumstances. Therefore, you must make use of the opportunity to manage your cash flow.  

Summing It Up:  

The measures that we have mentioned in the article must be enough to get you started on the process of cash flow management of your organization. Feel free to add on to the list and come up with novel measures that suit your context. It is important to monitor your cash flow now more than ever, or your business might just perish at the face of the pandemic. 


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