How to choose the right baby formula for the first time

After a normal birth, the baby first attaches to the breast in the delivery room. And during 1-2 months the baby usually gets food after 3 hours, that is, feeding 7 times a day: 6.00, 9.00, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00, 21.00124.00. After that, there is a night break – 6 hours. Some babies wake up at night crying – the mother decides individually whether the baby needs to be fed at night. Gradually the baby will disturb at night less and less often, and for 2-3 months to wake up ceases.

But if for some reason, breastfeeding is not available, then parents need to make an effort to choose organic baby formula.

Choosing food for a baby

The best baby formula for newborns is the one that is optimal for your baby. If you have to switch baby formula for any reason, it can cause digestive problems and stress to your baby. For newborns, a highly adapted dairy formula is better suited. Because its composition is as close as possible to the mother’s breast milk. Such food is produced from cow or goat milk, but the protein is subjected to technical treatment and special fats containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, mineral salts, and carbohydrates are also added to it. In their chemical composition, they are similar to women’s milk, but have significant biological differences. After all, what is created by nature cannot be reproduced by human hands.


Features of artificial feeding

With artificial feeding, food lingers in the stomach longer than breast milk. Therefore, the child is quickly transferred to 6 and later to 5 meals a day. Frequent change in formula is not desirable, it can lead to disruption. When choosing a formula, the age of the child, the individual characteristics of the body, the characteristics of the formula, and the state of the family have to be taken into account. If there is a negative reaction to the formula within 4-6 days, a change of food is required. Supplementation is introduced in the same sequence as for natural feeding.

It is recommended to feed your baby from a special cup or a spoon. However, if the baby is fed from a bottle, to prevent air from entering the stomach, the hole in the nipple should be small, and the bottle should be held more vertically so that the neck is filled with milk. Sterilization of the bottle, the nipple, and the quality of the food prepared are important. Nutrition before feeding your baby is a must.


How can you tell if the milk formula you choose is suitable for your baby?

The best baby formula for newborns is the one that is optimal for your baby. If you have to change the formula for any reason, it can cause digestive problems and stress to your baby. You can add one scoop per day (its volume is 30 g). With this regimen, it is easy to monitor the reaction to the new type of food and possible side effects. If the child eats with an appetite and does not feel any painful conditions (no naughty, no colic, and loose stools), then the choice is probably correct. But the necessary observation in the dynamics: the growth and weight gain, the development of age abilities will give a final verdict on the chosen product. The baby’s body does not accept the infant formula if:

  1. Normal digestion is disturbed – constipation or diarrhea appeared;
  2. The baby cries during a meal or immediately afterward because he is bothered by rumbling in the stomach, flatulence, and colic.
  3. Burping and regurgitation started to occur
  4. Rashes appear on the baby’s skin.
  5. There are no set weights.

Remember that baby food for a newborn must meet certain quality standards, and each age has its formula. The selection of food should be made after consultation and examination of the baby by the pediatrician. At the same time, every parent should be familiarized with the basic principles of the selection and use of the formula.


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