How To Care For Parents When They Live Far Away

Life takes a different path for everyone and that can include family, friends, and all those in between.

As a result, some families can often find themselves living in different parts of the country – or world for some. Some may find that difficult, whereas others might have done it to gain that independence they were so desperately after. 

Whatever the situation may be, there comes a point when the children of the family will grow up and may need to be available to help care for parents that have gotten older. Here are some helpful tips to care for family members like parents, when they live far away.

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Check-in with them via phone calls

Technology is a wonderful asset that many of us are able to use nowadays. One of which is the mobile phone. A quick phone call to check in on how they’re doing could be all that’s needed.

It might not be that they need physical care but it’s moreso the mental well-being that needs care. As family members get older, they tend to become more reclusive from the rest of the family. It’s important to keep up with the conversations and communications in general with the family.

Provide them with assistive/emergency tools

For those parents who have gotten older and might need a little assistance here and there, it’s worth discussing assistive/emergency tools that they can have available. They may be fully independent but as we all get older, our body becomes more vulnerable.

What if they slip and fall, finding themselves alone at home without any immediate aid? An elderly fall alarm might come in handy and save their life. See what assistive or emergency tools are worth investing in for those that may need them.

Organize outside help where necessary

Not everyone can be available for their loved ones at all times. With those that live far away from them, it might be difficult to get physical help to them when distance stops that from happening.

With that in mind, it’s good to organize a bit of outside help which can be on speed dial, should it ever be needed. It might not be required at this point, but at least it’s a conversation worth having.

Inform them of what to do in an emergency

Emergencies can happen where someone may need help. With that in mind, discuss with parents what to do when they find themselves in a situation where they require help. It could be the outside help coming in or using a panic button or phoning nearby friends or family for assistance. 

Get to know their neighbors

Talking of nearby friends and family, get to know the parents’ neighbors. It’s something that could be beneficial in those scenarios where the parents or parent is left without any help and needs the kindness of a neighbor. Get familiar with them and build friendships.

Caring for parents when they live far away is challenging but it can still be done from afar.


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