How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle in 6 Steps

Creating a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat. Finding the right balance between work and home life, as well as the fitness routine that works best for you, will take time and exploration. Here are suggestions on how to build a healthy lifestyle in six steps to make things simpler. 


  • Know Your Limits 

Consider where you are in terms of fitness. If you are looking to begin exercising for the first time in a while, then going full-out Jillian Michaels might not be the most practical approach.  

For those who regularly exercise and want to increase their gains, raising the bar a little higher than normal would be a logical next step. You need to consider your fitness limitations and how you can navigate them while still pushing yourself to build strength.  

  • Set A Schedule 

If you’re committed to building a healthy lifestyle, then create a schedule you intend to follow. Getting serious about fitness is no different than anything else: you must set an intention and follow through for change to happen.  

Decide when the most practical time is for you to work out, how many times per week you want to work out, and what your typical meal plan will look like. You might need to try different dietary protocols for a while to see what works best for you.  

 Allow this trial-and-error process to unfold as it will. You’ll be glad you were patient enough to determine what works the best.  

  • Buy Organic Foods 

As much as your finances will allow for, shop local, organic produce whenever possible. The cleaner you eat, the healthier you’ll feel. Inorganic meats and produce are often filled with pesticides and hormones that can wreak havoc on the environment and your health. Splurge a bit on foods for you and your family’s health 

Aside from eating organic foods, you should also get regular checkups with a physician and a dental expert like this dentist in Sunnyside to keep your health in check.

  • Buy Fitness Clothes 

You will feel more committed to working out if you invest in some fitness clothing. Putting on a pair of new white running shoes or pace breaker shorts will get you in the mood to be active, and you’ll feel ten times cooler doing it. Add in a motivational water bottle, and a few tech accessories like a fitness tracker, and you’re ready to go.  

Go all-out with your fitness clothing. You will thrive off of the instant gratification of having this part of your fitness lifestyle covered.  

  • Journal Each Day 

As you progress on your journey, keep track of your progress with regular journaling. Write down your feelings, food intakes, exercise, and any weight changes you’ve noticed.  

As the days compile, you will feel proud of yourself for the progress you’ve put into building your healthy lifestyle and will be motivated to continue.  

  • Set Your Accountability 

Building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about staying accountable for your efforts. In addition to logging your daily experiences in a fitness journal, consider letting a close friend know about your journey. This way, you can catch them up on your progress and feel more committed to your goals.  

Use social media as another outlet for accountability. Many people post anonymous progress logs on fitness tracking websites. You can join these communities for free and gain the benefits of being accountable for yourself and help others as well.  

The Bottom Line  

Building a healthy lifestyle will take commitment and dedication. Day in and day out, you will have to test your willpower and resilience to continue working towards your goals. As you see progress unfold, however, you will feel accomplished and proud of how far you’ve come. We know you can do it! 

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