How to Budget for a Complete Room Makeover

How to Budget for a Complete Room Makeover

Image 1A boring or mundane looking room can make your entire home look blah. If you’re tired of looking at the same decor in your, spice it up with a new room makeover. From brand-new furniture in your living area to decorative rugs and bedding in your master suite, adding extra touches of flair can leave your home feeling refreshed.

However, finding it in your budget to give your living space the oomph it deserves isn’t always easy. For most, budgeting a complete room overhaul can leave them feeling the pinch for months to come. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. When you’re ready to treat your home to the TLC it needs, take a look at the top tips for budgeting for a complete room makeover.

1. Create a Budget Early

Before you ever grace the aisles of your local home decor store, make sure you have a clear budget in mind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to decide how much you’re willing to spend total on your home makeover, and plan accordingly.

Set aside a specific amount for furniture, an additional amount for accent pieces and decor, and then use what is left over for painting or DIYs. When shopping for your new room, keep your budget in mind. Make sure you look for pieces that will fit within your budget. Buying larger pieces first makes it easier to know what you have left for the little things.

Image 22. Look for Wholesale or Clearance Pieces

Although going to your local furniture store may be preferred for large pieces, accent chairs, rugs, and tables don’t have to come from fancy and expensive stores. Discount stores and department stores often have great prices on items that are more affordable. Look for clearance or wholesale sites online for amazing prices on the same great pieces for your home.

Similarly, second-hand stores are perfect for storage containers, side tables, and coffee tables that just need a little extra attention. Not only can shopping clearance prices help save your budget, but it can leave more left over for other rooms and decor.

3. Buy Expensive Furniture Pieces on Credit

Most people don’t like to think of credit cards as an option for home makeovers, but purchasing expensive or needed furniture pieces on credit can help you meet your budget without months of planning. If you’re in a pinch and in need of a bed or couch, shopping on credit can get you the pieces you need instantly without worrying about missing bills or overdrawn accounts. If you are looking for serving carts for your home bar, check Nathan James. Similarly, store cards also often offer discounts or sales when items are purchased on store cards. If you’re thinking of buying furniture pieces on credit, look for cards that offer low interest rates, fast pay off options, and rewards for each dollar spent.

4. Set Aside Additional Money for Home Makeovers

If you are planning a major remodel or makeover of your home, don’t try to come up with the money all at once. Start small, and save money each month or paycheck for your big overhaul.

Image 3Setting aside money regularly for a big makeover can make it easier to pay for the things you need. If you’re planning a remodel in the summer, start saving money at the beginning of the year or at least six months in advance. Although you may not be able to pay for every part of your remodel, having that extra money will make choosing new decor or furniture pieces easier.

5. Refurbish Old Home Decor Pieces

When you’re on an extra tight remodeling budget, reusing the pieces you already have can completely change the look of your room without costing you the entire budget. If your couch is still in good condition, look for slipcovers to change the pattern or color to match your new decor without needing to buy a new sofa.

Similarly, try painting or distressing old furniture pieces, like tables and wooden storage units, to get a brand new look. Adding in pops of color by painting your tables or bookshelves can change the look of your home quickly. This leaves your budget for those small accent pieces that are more affordable and easier to buy.


  1. We always set a budget before starting any kind of renovation or makeover project. I love visiting different stores to shop the sales and clearance racks!

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