How To Avoid Regular Trips To The ER

Anyone that’s ever been to an emergency room will know that it’s one of the worst places on earth. You’re surrounded by people with all sorts of ailments, the waiting times are absurdly long, and then you’re hit with a huge bill at the end. So, avoiding the ER is something you should aim to achieve. Of course, most trips revolve around accidents, which can be unfortunate incidents you have no control over.

Still, there are ways to avoid regular trips to the ER, and here’s what you can do: 

Be more careful

Granted, some accidents aren’t your fault, but many could be avoided if you were just a bit more careful. This applies to all areas of your life where accidents are likely to happen. For instance, at home, make sure you mop up any spillages in the kitchen and bathroom, minimizing the chances of slip and fall accidents. If you’re in the car, drive carefully and responsibly to avoid any crashes. Those of you that work out and go to the gym need to be careful when exercising. Know your limits and don’t push yourself too far. Get a gym induction to learn how to use all the machines properly, or watch YouTube tutorials on lifting form to avoid accidents when lifting weights. 

If you just take a moment to analyze situations and be a bit more careful, you can avoid countless accidents and injuries that lead to the emergency room. 

Go to an urgent care center instead

For those accidents or injuries that you can’t avoid no matter what, there’s still no reason to visit the ER all the time. Instead, there are loads of urgent care facilities dotted around the country that will provide you with immediate treatment options. They are way more affordable than a visit to the ER, and most of them allow walk-ins without any appointments. 

For whatever reason, lots of people are unaware that these facilities exist. It’s just an instinctive reaction to get hurt and go to the ER – there are other options that don’t make you wait for ages or lead to extortionate bills!

Improve your personal hygiene

Sometimes, you go to the ER because you have a specific illness that needs urgent treatment. This could be a stomach bug or some sort of infection that you picked up. In many cases, you can avoid illnesses like these by improving your personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly – especially before eating food. Try to avoid close contact with people you don’t know, and make an effort to sanitize things you touch all the time – like your phone. Good personal hygiene can kill bacteria and viruses before they enter your body, stopping you from contracting illnesses that demand a trip to the ER. 

So, there you go: how to avoid regular trips to the ER. These tips will ensure that you aren’t on a first-name basis with the receptionists in the emergency room, and they can also prevent you from getting ill or suffering injuries. 

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