How to Apply Deep Work Techniques to Increase Productivity Better

Being preoccupied with various obligations, deadlines, and work targets every day often requires special skills. One of these special skills is being fully focused on getting the job done. However, with so many things outside of work, or those that are still related to work, it often distracts us from completing the main task. Being able to focus on work is often a challenge for employees.

How many times have you found yourself distracted by e-mails or social media notifications in the middle of completing a task? Many people need a special work environment to be able to support completing work on time without distraction. Concentration is needed to be able to find work focus in order to complete targets and tasks completed and of course on time. 

Not only finding ways to focus on work but balancing work and daily life is also the key to getting work done effectively without distraction. The best way to achieve this is to apply the ‘Deep Work’ technique!

What is Deep Work?

Deep work is the process of carrying out professional activities in a state of full concentration free of distractions. This will help push your cognitive abilities to their limits. These efforts can create new value, improve your skills, and are difficult to imitate. By doing deep work, it will be easier to work in a focused manner.

How to Apply for Deep Work in a Daily Routine?

  • Develop a Deep Work Schedule and Routine

Deep work itself is not easy to get used to doing. Therefore, to be able to focus on work and do deep work, you need to create a routine to get used to it. The trick is to do deep work every day at the same place and time for a certain period of time.

This way, it will be easier for you to do deep work and can focus on work.

  • Do What Really Matters

In deep work the most important thing is execution. It is important to find good routines and systems and apply it with discipline. To be able to focus on work, you can try the following principles and strategies:

  • Find work and tasks that you can target for deep work
  • Create a scoreboard to track the time you spend for deep work 
  • Analyze the results after, strive to achieve the goal that you have set earlier
  • Pamper Yourself After

You might think that focusing on work and doing deep work requires very high productivity. Even though the purpose of deep work is to get more work done, at the same time deep work is also about having more time for yourself. You can work in less time but in a smarter way. When you have a little free time for the work you are completing, don’t use that time to add to your burden by doing other work or tasks.

Use that time to be lazy, pamper yourself, and spend time with loved ones. Once in a while, delight yourself by using this free time to do online shopping on Temu for items you need or have been wanting for a while. Shopping can be a therapeutic reward to bring happiness and positivity around you!

  • Take a Break from Social Media

Social media is a distraction, and it is not a secret. You may have often read how excessive use of social media is something that is not good and can certainly interfere with work. Not infrequently, notifications that appear on our gadgets from social media are one of the main factors for you to be distracted. Distraction is the ultimate taboo when you want to do deep work and focus on your work.

  • Create an Atmosphere That Makes You Comfortable

Everyone has their way of being able to concentrate while doing work. To do deep work effectively, you should find your own way to create a comfortable working atmosphere and away from distractions.

Some people choose to work in a quiet room, some choose to work while listening to music to be able to work focused, and some people prefer to work in a crowded room with other co-workers. Apart from the tips above, one of the most important ways to be able to focus and apply deep work is to be consistent.

Try to apply the tips above for 30 days straight in a disciplined manner. And you will find it easier to do deep work and finish all your work responsibilities on time!

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