How I Made My Car Safer with Technology

You might think that cars already have enough built-in technology to keep them safe, but crime records tell a different story. Car theft is increasing worldwide, and burglars can even duplicate your keys without physically touching them. This technique is known as a signal relay attack, where burglars create frequency waves that mimic your key fob. 

I did a lot of research to find ways to secure my car, but I realized that many options were difficult to consistently implement. For example, using a steering lock is a good technique, but it’s not something we remember to use every day. After exploring various options available in the market, I finally found a device that suited my needs perfectly: a GPS tracker. 

A GPS tracker is a small device with multiple features to enhance car security. Once installed, it allows real-time tracking of the vehicle’s location, even when I’m on holiday abroad. Here are the reasons why I chose a GPS device over traditional car security features: 

Easy Installation Options 

Nowadays, GPS trackers can be installed straight out of the box. Simply activate and fully charge the device, then place it securely inside the car. Some models can be directly connected to the OBD port or car battery, which eliminates the need for frequent recharging. Moreover, if the device is connected permanently, it triggers an additional security alert when removed from the battery terminal, which I find to be a cool feature. 

Everything at Your Fingertips 

With traditional security items, you need to physically check your car to ensure everything is intact and undamaged. However, a GPS tracker allows you to control everything using your mobile device. You can configure alerts such as speed alerts, geofencing (defining an area within which the car should stay, and receiving an alert if it leaves that area), and vibrational alerts. The vibrational alert is particularly useful against vandalism. 

Recording Every Movement 

The GPS tracker also acts as a logbook for all your journeys. The logs stored within the GPS tracking app can serve as evidence in court and for insurance companies. Cars equipped with GPS trackers often have lower insurance premiums and help to reduce expense of the car overall. If you want to know the speed and distance covered at any given moment, the GPS tracking app is the place to look. 


When considering the cost, it’s essential to weigh the level of security and convenience offered. In this regard, GPS tracking devices are affordable and provide a reliable solution for every car owner.  

In conclusion, while there are numerous options available for car owners to protect their vehicles, GPS tracking has its own place among these choices. Utilizing technology for protection allows for faster response to theft, as alerts are sent directly to your phone. 

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