How FREE WiFi Can Be The Enemy | Protect Your Information While Being Mobile

How FREE WiFi Can Be The Enemy | Protect Your Information While Being Mobile

I am posting as a Hotspot Shield ambassador. All opinions are my own.


Does the scene above look familiar to you?

Just the other day I spent several hours at my local Panera trying to focus and catch up on some work. I go there because they are very welcoming when it comes to this sort of thing… electrical outlets all over the place. The food is good and let’s not forget the free Wi-Fi!

Looking around the store, almost every single table had an open laptop on it. The ones that didn’t have a laptop open, had a smart phone out.

That’s when I started to realize what a scary place this was!! My guess is that most of these people connected to the free Wi-fi had no clue how vulnerable they were to hackers, intruders…. identity theft.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.54.19 PM
Hackers love free Wi-fi. In just a few minutes they can access all of your personal information stored on your computer… passwords, credit card information, downloads… even your messages. I felt a huge sense of relief to know that Hotspot Shield had me completely covered. It does exactly what it’s name says… it shields you from prying eyes while using Hotspots.

It’s so easy to use, too! I really don’t even have to think. As I was setting up my work area for the afternoon I turned on my computer. By the time I was ready to focus on my laptop it had powered up and Hotspot Shield was already open and ready to protect me. I just needed to sign into the Wi-Fi.

Top reasons to get Hotspot Shield Elite

  • Provides complete VPN coverage with one click
  • Configures easily for immediate access
  • Creates a secure VPN tunnel between you and the networked world
  • Automatically secures the connection when it detects an unsecured network
  • Anonymizes your logon
  • Uses encryption technology to protect your identity and content
  • Accesses popular portals and blocked sites from anywhere
  • Intercepts phishers and spammers using a wide-range of malware packages
  • Supports five devices with a single license
  • Virtual Locations available in US, UK & Australia


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  1. Rosie says

    This is good to know – I had never heard of this service! More and more places are getting free Wifi, I think even the local mall has it!

  2. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    i was checking my bank account online at a Starbucks once and then it made me think twice..

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