How Can I Make it Easier to Work from Home?

While some mothers may limit their role to keeping the house and looking after the children, and others enjoy going to work while utilizing childcare options, you might fall into both categories. However, for you to be able to work from home and look after your family, you might want to think about how to achieve this without burning yourself out.  

Finding little tips and tricks to aid with your home-grown business, and to ensure you are left to get on with your work, could help to make this possible. This way, you might be able to save some money and gain back some of that quality time with your family. 

One of the first aspects of your business that you might want to change can be the way that you receive payment from clients or customers. Having provided goods or services to people or companies, you may want to use a method of gaining funds that are quick but also helps you to keep track of your business finances. The use of invoicing software could allow you to create professional invoices to send out, and even monitor who has and hasn’t paid. This can make it a lot easier than trawling through email chains or needing to keep an eye on your bank account. At the end of the tax year, you may also be able to use these invoices as supporting evidence of your income. 

While there may be times that your children need your attention during your working day, there may be occasions where, barring emergencies, you do not wish to be disturbed. You might want to consider some non-verbal ways of letting your children know you need to focus, or are in a meeting, that they can adhere to.  

This could be something as simple as closing the door when busy and then reopening it once you are more available. While this might work better with older children, toddlers and babies may not understand. In that case, you might want to consider altering your meetings for when you either have another adult in the house or at the time your child generally goes down for their nap. 

Making time for breaks can also be an important part of both working and parenting. While you may be trying to complete tasks simultaneously throughout the day, you may also want to allocate yourself some actual break time. During this period, you should be engaging in something that will help to refresh yourself, such as having some food, relaxing, or even going for a walk. Although you might be tempted to use this time to get on with chores or browse your emails, you may end up burning yourself out. Therefore, even thirty minutes each day that is spent away from any work might help you to feel better. 

Working from home isn’t always easy, especially when your children aren’t at school. Finding ways to simplify tasks and manage that balance could allow you to get your work done and still be present with your parenting. 


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