How Can Computer Games Improve The Skills Of a Child? 

Adults are used to thinking that computer games are evil, which does not benefit, but only takes time and health from children. However, this statement is not as realistic as it seems. Let’s see what are the advantages of computer games and what is worth playing? 

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Learning and Logic 

Each game assumes an algorithm, a special plot and rules. This means that the child must make some effort to understand the game and make progress. Agree, because some games are not easy to play. Here, each child should choose something individual that attracts your child specifically. Listen to him, study the interests and characteristics of the child. 

Relaxation and entertainment 

Who said that having fun is not useful? Entertainment is of great importance in the life of every child and adult. Thanks to entertainment, relaxation and positive emotions, we get the hormones necessary for our body to exist. It is also important not to forget that quality rest is the key to health and productivity during the day. If your child chooses this type of rest, support him, and do not scold! 

Sometimes it may happen that the passage of difficult levels or stages is not yet possible for a young player. However, this is not a reason to give up your favorite hobby, because there are assistants for such cases. For example, in the famous and popular Destiny 2 game among young people, novice players can turn to d2 sherpa and play the game much more simply and interestingly. Agree, when your main goal is to relax and enjoy the game, you don’t want to go through uninteresting tasks and difficult missions at all. And why? 

The Speed of Reaction 

Reaction speed is a human skill worth paying attention to. A quick reaction is important for a person not only to successfully pass the levels in the game and help teammates, but also to increase their level of security in life. Computer games can be an excellent simulator for improving such a skill. If a child spends a lot of time developing reaction speed from childhood, he will definitely not have problems with reaction in the future. Think about it! 

Concentration of Attention 

Concentration of attention is a separate problem for many children and adults. In order to learn how to focus your attention on something, you need to regularly spend a lot of time and effort. However, the training option with game tasks is much more pleasant and accessible to everyone! Give your child games with difficult tasks and train his attention. He will definitely thank you in the future! 

And the researchers also note that after action games, children read faster and learn what they read better. This is also an important skill for successful training and work in the future! 

Hand Motor Skills 

All computer games force one way or another to adapt to the tool of the game – the computer. Thanks to this, the child can develop hand motor skills. It is also worth paying attention to games with a joystick. 


In order to be successful in computer games, many skills are needed, but the key ones are perseverance and perseverance. It is perseverance that gives the result, because difficult tasks are not amenable to impatient players. This quality is always successfully projected into life. 

Training in Working With Technological Innovations 

The 21st century is a time of technology and innovation, because everyone who was born during this period must have basic technology skills and certainly should be in the trend of technology. Computer games are the best technology teacher! Here the child learns how to interact with technology, learns the basics of controlling this technique and even tries on some modern professions! Isn’t this a great way to develop a small player?  

As you can see, computer games really have a lot of advantages for children. Computer games are not evil, but a great teacher for young players, if they are properly disposed of. Parents need to limit how long the computer may be used. The main thing is to find a balance and the right direction individually for your child.Try using computer games as a brain simulator for your child and you will see the result soon! 


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