Home Update – Should you DIY or Call a Pro?

If you have planned a big home improvement project, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself at least once, “Can I DIY this?” The answer isn’t straightforward. You should factor in different things, such as the time, money, and quality you expect.

DIY-ing has become increasingly more manageable, with all the online materials and step-by-step guides that will walk you through basically anything. Still, you probably shouldn’t take on projects that you don’t think you have the right skill set for or even the right tools. Fixing a DIY gone wrong can end up costing you more money than you would save by DIYing.

A general rule is to avoid things such as plumbing issues, electrical work, and heating. Anything else is on the table as long as you feel comfortable and have the skills to complete it. 

Some common home renovations people do are painting the walls, replacing the sink, installing new light fixtures, and installing a new kitchen countertop.

However, don’t be fooled into doing anything without first conducting research. Some projects can seem easy at first but then end up taking a lot more effort than you first expected.


For example, painting your home seems relatively straightforward. That is, until you factor in the time for preparation. You will have to move all the furniture and use painter’s tape around any edges, hardware, ceilings, and window frames to avoid any paint stains.

After that, you will have to do some research to decide what type of paint is adequate for your home, what tools you will need, and the amount of paint to buy so you don’t have any leftovers.

Even with all the tips on painting at home, a professional will most likely do a better job—and do it much faster. 

Hiring professionals is going to ensure the job is done correctly. A trained eye will be able to notice details that an average person doesn’t. You can hire professionals even for smaller projects. For example, this company for interior painting in Calgary offers trim, baseboard ceiling, or cabinet painting besides the service of wall painting.

Light fixtures

On the other hand, installing light fixtures is a relatively easy and quick job. This home renovation can improve the atmosphere significantly and increase the value of your home down the road.  

You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take safety measures before starting. Always make sure to shut off your breaking box before touching anything. 

When thinking about this, also take into consideration the age of your house and whether it is safe to DIY. If you’re not confident in your skills, hire a professional. 

Replacing the faucets

Replacing the faucets is another seemingly easy project, as long as you correctly follow the instructions and have the right tools.

It comes with risks, such as damaging the pipes somehow and causing your house to flood. Leakage will create many more problems and cost you down the line. 

Most people will avoid anything to do with plumbing altogether and end up hiring a professional.

Kitchen Countertops

Replacing your old countertops will do miracles for your interior. Fancy new countertops also do great on the market and increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it.

This isn’t something you should DIY. Not only are the materials expensive, but they also require a set of skills that people who aren’t trained don’t possess. Always go pro for this. 

Ultimately, there are many different pros and cons. While a DIY project may cut the labor cost, it will take more time. The cost of tools can add up, so be mindful of that too. Making a mistake while attempting a project on your own can end up costing a lot more to fix than it would have to hire professionals in the first place.


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