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Home Makeover with Pergo Laminate Flooring


If you’ve been following my Pergo floor makeover you will remember our Pergo shopping trip at Lowes and our post about installing Pergo laminate flooring. It’s taken a while to finish the trim because of a few door issues from having our foundation lifted back into place (finally had to purchase a new door), but the room is finished!

Because of the layout of my house, it’s a little difficult to get a full room picture. I snapped a few so you can hopefully get a feel for the room. I am loving the diversity in patterns in this color (Lassiter Oak). With the other brand flooring that we had to pull up for the foundation repair we had some repetition that made it look very unnatural and fake.


We went with a little darker color than our last floor, but still wanted to pick a color that would meld well with the real wood stairs leading out of the room. I was a bit concerned about having wood colored quarter round, as we had white with the last floor that blended into the trim and fireplace well. As you can see above and below, my concerns were unwarranted.


Below is a floor view photo of the flooring and trim. It wasn’t purposeful, but the Lassiter Oak matched well with our coffee table and computer desk also.


I mentioned that our stairs leading out of the living room were real wood. Here is a photo of the laminate floor at the stairs. We intentionally didn’t try to match the colors, but we ended up close enough that they were complimentary and didn’t clash. Isn’t it amazing how close to real wood the Pergo Max laminate flooring looks?!


Below is a photo of the flooring at the top of the stairs going down. The stair nose molding did a fantastic job of finishing off the corner and rounded down to cover the edge. I also wanted to point out in these two photos the “speckles” in this particular color. At first I thought that someone must have dripped stain or paint on them because I didn’t remember speckles in the sample we brought home… but then I remembered we haven’t been painting lately (duh). The entire floor is like that and I love how it gives it a more realistic and broken in look and feel to it.


I hope you enjoyed following our progress choosing and installing our new Pergo Max laminate flooring. I asked my husband when it was all said and done how he felt about the install. He said that anyone that is even partially handy shouldn’t have any issues with this flooring. The hardest part was cutting around crevasses like the edge of the fireplace and also cutting the angles on the trim. With the proper tools it was a fairly simple project with a fabulous outcome!

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  1. bekah Kuczenski says

    I’m so jealous, this looks amazing!

  2. Mimi says

    Wow, it looks gorgeous! You guys did a great job installing it. Job well done! Love how well it matches everything.

  3. It looks fantastic! We’ve been dithering over whether to replace our ratty 20+ year old carpet and cracked porcelain tile flooring with real hardwood, engineered wood or Pergo. Yours looks so good, and goes so well with the oak stairs, that I’m going to show my husband the pictures so he feels a bit better about checking out laminates.

    Oh, and THANK YOU for being one of the few bloggers I follow who hasn’t painted all of the wood furniture in her house! I get so frustrated seeing these gorgeous pieces women are picking up at estate or yard sales, then spray painting and ‘distressing’. Give them 5 years and they’ll be blogging about how difficult it is to remove that paint, and how they *really* want to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood now.

  4. Sabrina Radke says

    I can’t wait to get out of our apartment and have a house so we can have beautiful wood flooring! You guys did a great job!

  5. Stephanie Hungerford says

    Your husband did a wonderful job installing the laminate floor. My dad agree’s with your Husband Pergo laminate flooring is easy to install. He installed it in one of the bathroom’s he remodeled in their last home.

  6. Stephanie Hungerford says

    Your husband did a wonderful job installing the laminate floor. My dad agree’s with your Husband Pergo laminate flooring is easy to install. He installed it in one of the bathroom’s he remodeled in their last home.

  7. I might not have seen the before pictures.. but it looks great. We used Pergo in our kitchen in our last house…worked great!!!

  8. Margot C says

    My mother and father-in law did this and it looks nice. They have had some problems with buckling that they attribute to not having prepared the surface below in this one particular spot. (They are big DIYers but they often kind of bungle things).

    I like that you re-purposed that old desk as a media center, it’s cute!

  9. Sandy VanHoey says

    That looks fantastic! I love the colors in the laminate. We have laminate here at home but it is a darker laminate that shows every speck of dust and I wish it was something like yours. I love it! It really does look like wood flooring.

  10. My daughters both have Pergo in thier homes and they just love it. Great product! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wendi Scharrer says

    Your floor looks really nice. Glad to hear your husband did not find installation difficult. I have always wanted Pergo flooring. Hopefully when we move in a year! 🙂

  12. Sam Eagle says

    Love the floors they look great & look like very good flooring

  13. Wow, that doesn’t look at all like laminate!

  14. you all did a fabulous job. It looks terrific. I really want to go with a new pergo floor too. Glad to see it is possible.

  15. Dawn Hoke says

    Great job–it looks very nice!

  16. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon says

    your floor looks beautiful

  17. Claudia M says

    i am so jealous 🙂 Your floor looks really amazing ! great job –

  18. Abi R. says

    Those floors look awesome – I definitely want Pergo in our next house. My mom had Pergo in her old house for 10-11 years and they looked fantastic the day they moved out!

  19. Azslyn Cole says

    wow it looks wonderful my kitchen has laminate flooring and i find it rips so easily i have got to try this it would look so nice in our house =}

  20. sheila musselman askins says

    it looks awesome! i always wondered if their flooring was hard to install..thanks for the information!

  21. R Hicks says

    Looks fantastic. SHould last a lifetime. We are looking into installing pergo ourselves!

  22. Grace says

    Beautiful. It’s hard to believe that is laminate.

  23. Danielle says

    Looks really nice, I’d love it in a really light or really dark “wood”

  24. Trasina McGahey says

    Looks great! He did a wonderful job! I wish my hubby was handy lol.

  25. mell says

    That’s a beautiful job on the flooring. We are thinking of replacing the linoleum in our kitchen with Pergo.

  26. LAMusing says

    Looks great! We have Pergo floors too and are really happy with them

  27. Alisha D says

    Wow, this looks so great! I’d love to do this in my home too! Our floors need to be replaced badly! Great job installing them! =)

  28. Christina says

    Great job combining the different finishes!!

  29. Minta says

    Your floor look great!

  30. kelly goss says

    wow! your floor came out beautiful! i’m a big fan of hardwood flooring. area rugs are pretty, but the wood has to be the main part of my floors. pergo is easy to keep up, too. bet you love it and you’ll be glad you did it for years to come.

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  32. Sarah Osborne says

    Beautiful floor! I’m jealous.

  33. kelly willis says

    wow the floors looks great

  34. Marysa says

    It looks really great! I’m jealous!

  35. Carole Ingram says

    Awesome job!! I’m regretting getting carpet in my living in my house! I wish we would have gotten wood instead … oh well! 🙂

    • Some days I hate my wood, though, Carole! It’s a double edged sword. My cats leave cat fur tumble weeds along the baseboards and it’s so frustrating to keep clean! What I wouldn’t do for a plush carpet to curl my toes into on a super cold winter day, too. The grass is always greener on the other side, eh? LOL

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