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Home Makeover with Comfy Sack “Bean Bag” Chairs



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I’m sure most of us have experienced a traditional bean bag chair at some point in our lives. I remember from my childhood nestling into them during silent reading time at school. I also remember being a little rough with them and jumping into/on them and having little white polyurethane beans flying everywhere. I am positive the adults in our lives did not enjoy cleaning up that mess and fairly soon the chair was almost flat.

Recently we have been on a hunt for a “better” bean bag chair that would withstand two rambunctious children. Back in April Emma received a new loft bed. Up until recently we have had a cubby system and her princess castle underneath. It was functional, but very cluttered looking. The cubbies were only being used for books, Barbies and dress up clothes and her princess castle was only used when company would come over (rarely) to play. With Emma heading to kindergarten we thought that a nice “reading nook” under her bed would be more functional (and less cluttered) as well as be more suitable age wise for a longer length of time.

After some searching, I believe we found our answer with Comfy Sacks! Our main concerns with a “bean bag” were with the filling and the quality of the cover. Comfy Sacks uses shredded space-age urethane foam. Shredded foam is long lasting, soft, shapeable and resists permanent compression. This means their “bean bags” retain their unique squishy texture for years to come. We were happy to read that their covers are made from incredibly soft quality micro-suede material. With both of our concerns covered… it was time to shop.

After some time, we finally decided on a 5 foot Comfy Lounger in furry pink.


The box came and we were surprised by how heavy it was. I knew the comfy sack was going to be on the large side, but I guess I’m used to traditional bean bags being light. You can see just how large the box was… both my kids fit nicely it.


The outer cover was actually softer than I thought it was going to be. I have to admit that when we chose “furry” I imagined longer strands almost like a shag. I was quite pleased that it was more like a deeper velour… super soft and inviting. The pink was the perfect shade for Emma’s room.


After some tugging and grunting we decided the best way to remove the insert from the box was to remove the box from the insert. We actually tore all the seams so the box layed out flat. Here you can get an idea of the size with Ethan sitting next to it.

Our job now entailed “fluffing” the insert. When we grabbed at it we could feel the chunks of shredded foam in it. When it was vacuum packed the foam stuck together into a bigger mass. When you pull at it you can feel the chunks separating and the insert got larger and larger.


It didn’t take long at all until we had a full sized Comfy Sack for the kids to snuggle up in. The 5 foot was more than ample for our purpose and it was actually just a tad big. We are fond of the size now because both kids can have a seat in it and neither is bumping into the other… they have their own little space in it.


Emma was thrilled with how “cushy” the Comfy Sack was and had some fun diving into it for a while. It actually helped us fluff it up more because each time she dove in and got back out I would fluff it up more for her so she wouldn’t hit the ground during landing. After about 24 hours the Comfy Sack had finished expanding and was at it’s maximum size.


So here is Emma’s new reading nook complete with her new pink fuzzy 5 foot Comfy Sack. We all enjoy how comfortable it is and Emma has been known to take a nap or two on it (shhh! she doesn’t know I know!).


You can purchase the 5 foot Comfy Lounger for $277.00 (sale price… regular price $346.25)


Comfy Sack is having a Pinterest promotion with the prize being the Comfy Sack you pin (ANY size)!

The contest is simple. Start a board called “Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater” and fill it out with whatever you would find in your dream home theater.

There are, of course, a few restrictions:

  • Must include essentials for a movie room (TV, speakers, DVD player, etc)
  • Must include a Comfy Sack
  • All items must be able to practically fit into a media room (25’x25’)
  • Must EMAIL Comfy Sacks a link to your completed board
  • Must follow the Comfy Sacks brand on Pinterest
  • Must comply with Pinterest’s Terms & Privacy Policy
  • Must name your board “Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater”
  • Contest lasts from May 18th, 2012 until June 18th 2012 (submissions received until Midnight CST)

Be sure to check the Comfy Sack Blog for more information on the promotion and rules as well as the email link to send it to.

Good Luck!

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  1. 1’st your kids are adorable!
    2nd, I want that comfy sack! for me!!