Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands

Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands is Organizing My Kitchen and My Life


We have been using Post-it® Products in our household for years. I use them to help remember a brain storm or important events like doctor’s appointments and field trips. I actually can’t remember back to when we didn’t have Post-it® Notes in our house.

I was recently made aware of the new Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands which is focused on helping us get organized. I was instantly intrigued. I openly admit I need help getting organized and staying on top of small details.

The Home Collection provides busy families with simple solutions that fit into their day-to-day lives. They can help remind, plan and display items that need attention or bring a smile to your day. When everything’s organized and easy to find, you can take those moments of time you spent searching to enjoy your family.


I have a 12 month calendar that I hang on my kitchen wall, but I refuse to write on it. Silly, huh? I tend to rely on my electronic calendar on my computer, but sometimes I forget to glance at it and things get overlooked.

The Post-it® Dry Erase Planner is perfect for my needs. This 6 x 16 inch planner sticks practically anywhere, is removable and reusable, and is perfect for this huge space above my trash can that was never adequately used. When I walk by I can glance at the day for quick reminders… no more missed activities!

Combined with the Command™ Clear Small Caddy to hold my dry erase markers I am able to write things down and remember at a glance that I had something I needed to do that day. This will also keep the dry erase markers out of my little artists hands and therefore they will last a little longer than normal.

Emma is constantly creating new works of art for us, and up until now they have been displayed on the side of the fridge on a clip (the stainless fridge is not magnetic in front). As you can see in the photo above, most of the artwork is hidden beside the cabinet and if she creates more than one piece it just gets placed in the pile. 

With the Post-it® Grip Display Rail we can display multiple pieces of art at the same time without damaging it with tape. I’m considering purchasing another rail so that when Ethan starts bringing home art they will have equal display space.


I work from the kitchen counter and table… every day. My oldest is away at college and although I have an “office spot” in her room, I feel awkward and shut off from the world when I’m down there… so I stay in the kitchen.

This leads to a serious mess on the countertops. Notes, pens/pencils, memory cards… they are normally just scattered on the counter next to my laptop.


The Post-it® Reminder Tile is perfect for this area. As I mentioned, I use Post-it® Notes to help remind me of things.. but to use them I often have to go digging through my junk drawer. Now they are within reach and easily accessible, which means I’ll use them more often! The tiles hold 25 sheets per pad and they are refillable with Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes.

I paired this with the Command™ Clear Small Caddy I mentioned above to hold the pens that are usually scattered on the counter to organize my work space. Chaos around me usually leads to chaos in my brain… so this helps me focus and be more productive.

The Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands has so many more awesome products to help de-clutter, remind, and organize you life. I’m sure I could find a use for every single product!

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  1. D Schmidt says

    Visited and I really like Command™ Clear Medium Caddy, I like the Command™ Clear Adhesive Strips, they hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including painted surfaces, wood, tile, metal and more

  2. kelly tupick says

    I like the post it reminder tags. This is great for little ones to remind them of certain things, like weather on not it is the day to take the bus home or mom is getting you.

  3. Debra Hall says

    i like the Command Clear Smartphone Station

  4. Melissa M says

    I like the full adhesive notes. I would use those on our cruise this summer.

  5. siawvay says

    That really gave me a good idea on organizing our counter top and study desk!

  6. Nancy says

    They have many helpful products. I like this one: Post-it® Notes, 8 in x 8 in, Meal Planning Pad, 1 Pad/Pack.

  7. Elizabeth P. says

    I like the Scotch® Restickable Strip, Orange Geometric design.

  8. Elizabeth P. says

    I like the Scotch® Restickable Strip, Orange Geometric design.

  9. Tammy S says

    I really like the Post-it® Dry Erase Grip Tile in grey. I would hang it on our fridge to write notes to the kids.

  10. latanya says

    Post-it® List Notes with Color-Coded sections, 3.2 in x 7 in, 1 Pad/Pack

  11. Donna W. says

    I love the pen holder for the wall

  12. Donna W. says

    I love the pen holder for the wall

  13. Donna W. says

    I love the pen holder for the wall

  14. Command Clear Medium Caddy.

  15. Cynthia R says

    I like the post it view and go pocket products.

  16. heather eg kaufman says

    I also like the Post-it® Notes, 8 in x 8 in, Meal Planning Pad.

  17. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I love the reminder tags! How creative! This is certainly something that I am going to get.

  18. Brynn says

    One item I saw that I really liked is the Post-it® Display Card, 8 in x 10 in, Platinum, 1 pack

  19. Darlene Owen says

    I like the 692-P2BLK APP V02 RGB
    Post-it® Flag+ Ballpoint Pen, Black Ink, 50 Yellow Flags/Pen, 1/Pack

  20. Madeline Jones says

    I visited and I really like the pen holders for the wall!

  21. Cheryl B. says

    I like the small clear caddy holders for pens…perfect for in my scrapbooking room.

  22. Lisa Brown says

    I liked the Post-it® Pop-up Notes Dispenser for 3 in x 3 in Notes Black Purse – so cute!

  23. Rebecca Parsons says

    I would love to have the Post-it® Reminder Tile, Mixed Case with Platinum and Aqua Wave Full Adhesive Notes

  24. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the Magnetic Grip Discs!

  25. mell says

    I like the Command smart phone station.

  26. Mahdi Martin says

    I like the Post-it® Dry Erase Planner. It would be great for keeping track of my workouts and meals!

  27. Heather B says

    I really like the wall pen holder! I can never seem to find a pen when I need one!

  28. Betty says

    I found a number of different items and then saw the post it Reminder tags. Once again post it has marketed a useful solution that works in a number of situations that we have to deal with both at home and the office. Love to try those Reminder tags out

  29. Carolyn G says

    I learned they offer perks for their members

  30. Virginia Rowell says

    I love the post it big pad. I want one!

  31. Sarah L says

    Post-it® View and Go pocket, 9.5 in x 11.75 in , 1/pack, Aqua with hashtag pattern would get used at my house.
    Thanks for the contest.

  32. Tammy S says

    love the memory joggers to put on a bag…great idea

  33. suzanne says

    I want the Post-it® View and Go pocket, 9.5 in x 6.25 in , 1/pack, teal lined.

  34. shaunie says

    Loved the Meal Planning Pad

  35. Linda K. says

    I’d like to get a dry-erase planner.

  36. laura revilla says

    like the Command Clear Smartphone Station

  37. md Kennedy says

    I love the caddies! I would like a few to put on the wall near outlets to hold all the gadgets that we charge when they are charging as well as the chargers/cords. No more rats nest on the floors!

  38. Candie L says

    I like the Post-it® Mobile Attach & Go. Thank you

  39. Tee Mcc says

    I like the Post-it® Grip Board, 3.75 in x 12.25 in x 2 in. Warm grey metallic board with 1 pad, 25 sheets, of Post-it® Full Adhesive Notes

  40. Laurie Nykaza says

    Post-it-Sticky-Cork-Board-18-in-x-22-in-Includes-Command-Fasteners great for my kitchen

  41. Megan Parsons says

    I’d love to have the Post-it® View and Go pockets! Those are really neat and could be used for so many different things!

  42. Nannypanpan says

    I want the command clear small caddy

  43. Rachel Miller says

    I need to get some Post-it View and Go pockets!

  44. Melissa S says

    I would love to have the Desk Drawer Organizer. I could really use a couple for my messy desk drawers.

  45. Rust says

    I like the post-it flags, they’re perfect for studying.

  46. Ann Fantom says

    I like Post-It flags to mark recipes in my cook books.

  47. soha molina says

    I learned: Post-it® Brand and Startup Weekend are accelerating ideas into reality through collaboration.

  48. Sacha Schroeder says

    I would like the post it view and go pocket products.

  49. amanda whiltey says

    i want the Post-it® Super Sticky Full Adhesive Notes, 3 in x 3 in, Mixed Case in Aqua Wave, Platinum and Yellow, 2 Pads. such pretty color combos.

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