History learning impacts students’ writing performances

Studying history is part of the curricula of every student. One might ask why it is so important to learn the history of the world, and more specifically, the history of your country. Or, which is the connection between learning history and writing skills. History is a vast domain where a lot of ideas meet.  

 You can learn about ancient history, the renaissance, World Wars, and many more. In order to pursue your education, knowing your history will open up new doors. It will help students understand what happens in the present and make predictions about the future. But it comes with more than this. History learning impacts students’ writing performances. Let’s find out how.  

Read free essays about Columbian Exchange  

We have all learned in our history classes that Cristopher Columbus was the first one to reach the American continent. He misbelieved that he has reached India, in an era where a map of the world didn’t exist. Colonization was something that occurred naturally, as Europeans were in quest of discovering new lands. There are many history essay examples for college students that explore this topic and highlight a specific phenomenon that happened during those times called Columbian Exchange.  

It refers to the exchange of ideas, foods, diseases that happened between Europe and the Americas. Many would see this as a good thing, but what happened during those times was devastating and it resulted in the death of many Native American populations. You can find out more about this topic by reading articles and history books. Do not forget to add the reference in your columbian exchange essay to avoid plagiarism. Reading and writing about a historical topic is enlightening and it helps you see the world with different eyes.  

Understanding the World  

One of the benefits that comes with learning history is that it helps you understand the world better. Some say that history repeats itself one way or another, so knowing your past is essential. The world has evolved tremendously and each civilization has a rich history to discover.  

Sometimes, people take for granted what they have and they stop appreciating it. But life was so different a few centuries ago. And learning about this helps you understand the present better. It also develops your perspective on the world, which makes you more open-minded.  

Source of Motivation and Inspiration  

Students go through challenging times during their college years, and this is normal. You develop a lot during these times. But often students lose motivation to go further. Stress and tiredness easily appear and they might make you even more overwhelmed. And when you have so many essays to write, inspiration is low too.  

History, besides telling the story of the most horrific events that happened, also remembers the people that made a change. Those that were heroes of a nation that fought for what they believed in. and these stories can often turn out to be a source of motivation and inspiration for students.  

Which, in turn, improves their writing performance. Having motivation and inspiration by your side when you have many essays and assignments to write will help you focus and write better, thus boosting your performance.  

Develop Your Critical Thinking  

History is the domain where you can find answers to questions about our past. But it is also a domain where many versions of the same story can exist. Learning history might make you encounter conflicting ideas. These moments are very important for every student because these are the ones that improve your critical thinking skills.  

It is said that every country has its own version of history, so analyzing the information you come across is important. And this is a skill set that is important in writing too. One important part of writing an essay, dissertation, case study, book, article, or anything else, is research.  

And to offer a balanced view on your topic, you need to research and analyze critically the information you find. This will boost your writing performance and help you express your point of view in a balanced, logical, and clear way.  

Being an Active Citizen  

The past cannot be changed, but the future does. Indeed, history has a way of remembering the people that changed something and became heroes. And this comes with motivation and inspiration. But history also shows the mistakes that were made. It is crucial to learn history to understand them. To understand how the world can change paths only because of a mistake. This is something that helps students get involved and change the course of society if they spot a mistake.  

The modern world is indeed different from the one of centuries ago, but some lessons can be learned and mistakes that can be avoided. Being an active citizen and being informed about the present helps students become more focused. It helps them ask the right question. It makes them more inquisitive. And this is ultimately having an impact on their writing performance. Learning history helps students see the same thing from different angles and develop their perspective-taking skills.  


Many say that learning about your past cannot help you. That it doesn’t come with any benefit. But history learning impacts students’ writing performances. It helps them learn more about how each civilization was born or about how different things we have today were invented, such as the wheel. Many of the inventions we have today are taken for granted, but to reach this stage of ingenuity has taken humanity a couple of years.  

At the same time, having contact with different perspectives on the same event helps students develop their critical thinking skills. It helps them improve their research skills and it can be a source of inspiration and motivation. And all these skills are important when writing. Because writing is a task all students get, their performance can be improved by learning history.  


Bio lines: James Collins is a blogger, content writer, and journalist. He has a true passion for history and he always wanted to land a job in this domain. James now works with many historical magazines and institutions and his articles focus on political, cultural, and art history. 


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