HGG | Marvel Super Hero Lego Sets

HGG | Marvel Super Hero Lego Sets
Sample received. All opinions are my own.


Still in the box
Legos and Superheros are all part of our family. That’s why I was so excited when Kmart offered to send the Marvel Super Hero Guardians of the Galaxy Starblaster Showdown, and the Marvel Super Hero Ultimate Spider-man, Sprider-Man Daily Bugle Showdown sets.

Lego is a classic childhood toy that will never grow old. No matter how old you are I’m sure you have memories of playing with Lego as a child. From my 15 month, 4 year old, 6 year old and my 30 year old husband Lego has entertained them all for hours on end.

Out of the box
Opening any Lego set you will notice that you are given numbered bags with Lego inside. I love this as it makes putting the sets together less overwhelming. You simply start with number 1 and put together that bag, then move onto bag number 2, and so forth.

My favorite thing about Lego sets is how easy their instructions are to follow. Each page in the upper corner shows you what pieces you will need and how many. Then you have a very clear picture that shows you where each of those pieces go.

Built StarBlaster
Building your Lego sets is fun to do no matter how old you are,. Whather your a collector and like to display your creations, or just a kid who likes to use your imagination and use your creations to save the world.

On the Guardians of the Galaxy Starblaster you have moving parts and missiles underneath your ship that shoot. There isn’t much you can’t do or build with Lego.

Flying through Space
Having Superhero Lego sets makes for all the more fun whather you are a villain or a Superhero. Lego takes you into a world that only your imagination can create. With your Guardians of the Galaxy Starblaster you can be flying through space one minute or swinging though the city with the Spiderman Daily Bugle Showdown sets saving the world catching one villain at a time the next minute.

Guardings of the Galaxy Ship
Christmas time is coming up fast and you can NEVER go wrong with wrapping up some Lego for your loved ones. In my opinion you can never have too much Lego in your house.



Lego Super Hero sets are one of Kmart’s Fab 15 toys for 2014! Head over to www.Kmart.com and stock up on your Christmas gifts for the boys and girls on your list.


  1. My 6yr old son is just starting to become interested in real LEGO sets and these featuring super heroes are especially amazing!

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