Helping your children to secure high marks 

The vast majority of us want our children to do well at school. We know that doing so provides them with the firm foundation to be able to do what they want, later in life. With the right qualifications and the ability to learn new skills fast, they can go on to take on a range of roles and find financial security. So, today, we are going to take a look at what you as parents can do to help your children to secure good grades. 

Get them into the habit of proofreading their work 

From an early age, encourage your children to read through what they have written, before handing it in. Do it alongside them but be sure not to take over this part of the process completely. When they are a bit older get them into the habit of using the plagiarism checker from Scribbr and other proofreading tools.  

This will help them when they start handing in work where the mark goes towards an exam. In most cases, the person who marks this type of work will check for plagiarism. If they suspect it they may reject the paper or mark it down. 

Help them to do a bit of extra research 

Most of the research your child needs to do can be done online. But, dont forget other sources of information. There are a lot of books that are not available in electronic form, which contain interesting facts.  

It is also worth taking your children to exhibitions or museums that have displays that are related to what they are studying. This is a far more interesting way for them to learn. Often, these kinds of visits will spark new ideas. It also provides them with the chance to include some fresh data, that other students are not likely to have used as well. 

Take an interest in the subject yourself 

Get to know a little about the subjects your children are studying. Doing this will enable you to be enthusiastic and potentially discuss the things your kids are studying with them.  

Let them teach you and others what they know 

Talking about what you are learning is an effective way to embed that knowledge. Giving your child the chance to explain something to you will help them to clarify everything in their minds. You can find out why this is so effective and explore different ways your children can teach others from this webpage. 

Let them put what they are learning to use 

Practicing what you are learning is also very helpful. So, seek out ways to enable your child to do this and support them as much as possible. For example, if your kids are learning to code, send them to coding camp or let them help a local charity by working on an app for them. 

Be careful not to overdo it 

The above advice is sound, but you do need to be careful. It is possible to provide too much assistance. As you can see from this article if you do this can end up hindering your childs ability to learn and secure high marks. 

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