Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

A visit to the dentist is a necessary activity that your child may dread. But in order to keep their teeth healthy, this event can put them on the road to better oral hygiene. Are they Afraid of the Dentist? Well then, to help ease their fears that may come with sitting in the dentist chair, you’ll want to follow the below tips.

Start at an Early Age

Parents have the responsibility of guiding their children, so they are raised to make the best possible choices in life. They also need to ensure their child’s health and wellness even though they may come to fear the doctor or dentist. You can put your kids on the right dental path by scheduling an appointment early on. When they are met with a comfortable and fun environment, their fears will be lifted. The very first visit should start after they turn one or when their first tooth breaks free from their gums. Give them enough time to become comfortable with the staff and office during the first couple of visits. If your child doesn’t develop a good relationship your dentist, look around until they do. If you need a good dentist, get checked out with the dentist in Massapequa ny.


Leave it in the Hands of the Professionals

When you’re preparing for your child’s initial visit, you don’t want to include a lot of information. This can raise concerns with your child and cause them undue stress. Whether they are in for a cleaning or filling, it’s best to keep a positive attitude. The professional staff members at VSP Dental are focused on making your little ones feel comfortable. They can do this by giving them a tour of the facility and helping them to understand the need for dental care. They can also offer tips on how to alleviate dental problems by showing your child how to brush and floss their teeth.

This cosmetic dentist in Paramus also recommends visiting a pediatric dentist instead of a family dentist. This is because the former is better trained to handle children who are afraid of dentists.

A Pretend Visit

Before you take your child to expert pediatric dentists for the first time, you can play a game of pretend. Using a toothbrush, ask your child to open their mouth so you can count their teeth. Hold up a mirror and allow them a chance to see into their own mouth. Tell them this may be similar to what the dentist is going to do. Skip the drilling noises to avoid scaring your child. Give your child the chance to role play on your own teeth or on one of their stuffed toys. When they’re familiar with the routine, they’ll be more comfortable when it’s time for the real appointment. There are also picture books preparing a child for their dental visit. With fun illustrations and a language that’s easy for them to understand, they’ll learn what to expect.

Leave Them at Home

If you’re trying to ease your child’s fears, you want to ditch the war stories. Telling your child about how you had to have your teeth pulled can leave them especially anxious. You also want to leave them at home when it’s time for your own visit. Extractions, cavities and root canals can be negative experiences for someone so young. Your dental professional is trained to relate to your child on their terms. That’s why it’s best to leave the experience to someone more knowledgeable.

Give Them Time to Fuss

A child going to the dentist may whine, cry and wiggle. They may also fuss about being examined by someone that they don’t know. Your dentist’s office is trained to handle younger patients. They’ve probably even witnessed a few tantrums. Your dental professional can offer you guidance through the

process. Whether you are asked to hold their hand, talk calmly or keep them busy with a video game, it’s best to sit back and listen.


  1. Kendall Ryder says

    I think it would be a smart idea to leave your child at home during visits where you will be getting root canals or cavities. But, it may be a good idea to take them when you are just getting a normal checkup. That way, they can see the process and see that it isn’t so scary!

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