Heelys Back to School Line in Adult Sizes

Heelys Back to School Line in Adult Sizes

Sample received for review. All opinions are my own.


When my son was younger he had several pair of Heelys and he wore them everywhere.

Yes, he was one of those boys you would see skating across Walmart causing havok (sorry about that!).

It was a sad day in our house when his feet outgrew the sizes available. He is still a BIG kid at heart and would occasionally ask me if they bigger sizes yet.

Then I received an email announcing extended mens sizes!


What are Heelys?

Heelys are shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel. They allow the wearer to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. When the wheels are easily removed, the shoe performs just like any other shoe.


My son didn’t even let me finish my sentence when I asked him if he wanted a pair. The moment they arrived he was stripping off his old pair of shoes.


He remembered how to remove the plug and insert the wheels with ease. Skating on them, though, was a new story. He has grown to a healthy height of 6’4″, so everything was different now.



It took less than 5 minutes and he was skating around on the hard wood floors like it was yesterday.

If you know teens, it’s no surprise to you that he is all over social media. He posted a picture of these and mentioned “old school”. His friends were immediately asking him where he got them and how big they came. Apparently he wasn’t the only teen missing his old “skates”.

One of the perks of Heelys that I appreciate is that when you aren’t interested in “skating”, you can remove the wheel, plug it up and use them as regular shoes. I thought they looked rather sharp with his khakis.

My son liked the look as well. Win Win.

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  1. Very fun for teens. My son would probably have a great time with these!

  2. shelly peterson says

    My daughter had a pair of these and loved them, yeah she was probably one causing havoc at Walmart too. My son has never had a pair and even though he is only 11 he wears men size shoes. I might have to look into getting him a pair. these look really nice!

  3. Maria Iemma says

    My grandson has been asking for a pair of these shoes and is on his Christmas list. I think they are fun and a lot of kids have them but my daughter is a little reluctant fearing he will be racing around in the stores!!!

  4. Karen Glatt says

    These shoes are really cool! My nephew would love a pair of the black shoes because he would love to roll around in them and get around quicker. I think the shoes are cool!

  5. Nicole says

    My daughter has a pair of these fun versatile shoes. Great for gift giving! Love how they look with the pants!!

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