Healthier Alternatives to Common Home Cooking Ingredients

Eating a healthier diet is about more than deprivation with calorie or carb cutting, it’s about eating a diet rich with nutrients that keep your body running in the best way it can. Most people believe eating a healthier diet would require a major lifestyle overhaul, but even small changes can make a huge difference. Swapping out one ingredient for another in the same foods you already eat can be an opportunity to lower your cholesterol content and add in more vitamins. With changes so small that can mean a great boost to your health, why wouldn’t you make the switch?

Read on for several easy substitutions you can make to add healthier ingredients into your diet.

Replace Eggs With This Super Seed

Replacing eggs with flaxseeds in any baking recipe is a trick popular with vegans, but has health benefits for everyone. Flax meal has omega-3 fatty acids that your body can’t produce on its own. There are many health benefits to eating more omega-3 fatty acids, and one of them is that they’re good for your heart and may help improve your cholesterol. Compared to eggs, which are high in cholesterol, and this swap vastly improves the heart health of your meal.

Purchase ground flaxseed at the store. If you bought whole ones, you’ll want to crush them with a mortar and pestle or run them through a food processor. Mix 1 tablespoon with 3 tablespoons of warm water. Whisk this mixture together with a fork and then set it in the fridge for five to ten minutes. You now have a substitute for one egg.

Add Infused Butter to Your Diet

Infusing butter or oil with something healthy or full of flavor is a great way to add something else into your diet. With this in mind, try CBD oil infused butter. The butter is still the same, so you’re not swapping anything out with this one, simply adding the CBD oil in to pack more dietary benefit into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Spreading some CBD oil infused butter on toast is an easy way to add CBD into your day. People benefit from effects like better sleep, appetite, and pain management. Since many retailers mark up small quantities of high-quality CBD oil, save money by getting genuine CBD oil wholesale online. This helps to keep families from significantly increasing their household food budget for the sake of health.

Avocados – They’re Not Just for Guacamole Anymore

Avocados have increased in popularity over the past decade and for good reason. They’re delicious, healthy, and versatile. You can substitute avocados in many recipes! One easy way to add more avocados to your diet is to spread avocados on your sandwich in place of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is mostly oil and egg yolk, full of fat and cholesterol. When you swap it out for avocados in dips and sauces, you’re trading it in for a cholesterol-free alternative plus healthy fats and a load of nutrition. Avocados are an excellent source of Vitamins C, E, K, B-6, magnesium, potassium, and those difficult to come by omega-3 fatty acids.

Another excellent option is to use avocado purée in place of butter. They are both creamy and delicious, but one is better for you. Avocado purée is surprisingly excellent in baked chocolate goods, especially dark chocolate. Try using one cup of purée in place of one cup of butter.

Instead of Cheese, Sprinkle on Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast does not taste exactly like cheese. Cheese enthusiasts want to make that clear. With that said, it has a cheesy, buttery flavor that can be used in many situations in place of cheese. Nutritional yeast flakes are easy and delicious to sprinkle on popcorn, toast, or tacos. This simple substitute is rich with protein, B vitamins, and fiber, without the added fat that comes with a greasy cheese topping.

If you’re a fan of nutritional yeast, you can also mix it with flour, salt, butter, and water to create a nutritional yeast spread/dip that is excellent for nachos or spreading on baked bread.

Mashed Cauliflower and Turnips Instead of Potatoes

Potatoes are delicious, but also full of starchy carbs, and can easily take over your diet. If you’re looking for a way to add another side dish to your dinners, consider mashing up turnip or cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Both turnips and cauliflower have fewer carbs than potatoes, and turnips have a surprisingly low eight grams. They are also both rich in fiber and antioxidants.

You can mash one of these vegetables in place of mashed potatoes, or you can mix the two together. If you aren’t willing to give up your potatoes completely, you can mash some potato in there with them.

Cinnamon in Your Coffee

Cut down on your sugar intake by sprinkling some cinnamon in your coffee instead. The rich flavor is like something you’d order at a coffeehouse and is something you can quickly come to appreciate. Cinnamon is rich with antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory spice, making it something great to work into your daily routine. Cutting back on your sugar is good for your weight and your heart health, making this swap an all-around great idea. If you miss the sugar, consider cutting it in half for a while at first and see how you like that.

Eating healthier doesn’t have to be about giving up foods you love, it’s about finding ways that work for you to add more nutritional variety to your plate.


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