The Health Benefits of Flowers

The Health Benefits of Flowers

Imagine walking into a room with beautiful flower arrangements – what would be the first thing coming to your mind? Happiness! Is that right? Unless you are allergic to flowers, it will be almost like walking into heaven. Colors, aroma, bouquets with different flowers, a bunch of roses in every color – that’s definitely how most of us feel about a surprise flower décor. Waking up and surrounded by these beauties gifted by nature to celebrate a special occasion. No matter what gift you get, nothing can surpass the feel and smell of fresh flowers. Keeping flowers at home transforms the ambience into a complete comfort zone. One look at your favorite bouquet of rose or orchids or gerbera will be enough to take away all the worries eating up your mind.


Are you doubtful that flowers can have health benefits? We just touched on one benefit – relaxation of the mind and joy for your heart! Other than this, Dr. Edward Bach’s work on flower therapy has helped professionals understand the health benefits of different varieties of flowers. The findings were amazing – 38 varieties of flower, each with its distinctive effect one or more aspects of human emotion.

Flowers pep up your mood

You may wish to make someone happy. It doesn’t feel nice to see someone close to you depressed and being negative about everything. You could choose a suitable flower arrangement.

Emotionally disturbed people benefit a lot from flower therapy. If you know someone who is suffering physically, try visiting them with a bunch of their favorite flowers. Observe the change in their moods and expressions. That sad and depressed expression will vanish in thin air, and voila, you have made a person happy by just gifting flowers. Because of the instant mood boosting properties that fresh flowers bring along, we love to receive them as much as we feel joyous about gifting them.

Nature has gifted us with these amazing creations. They aren’t just visual treats. They promise to alter the negative into positive. Nicely wrapped flower bouquets or a neat flower arrangement at your work desk will definitely inspire you and bring color and positive energy into your life. Ordering for your bunch of flowers is a great way to surprise that special someone. Not just the flowers, but their essential oils have the power to heal the mind and body in ways far beyond our imagination. Flowers can also be used in a funeral or cremation setting. P.S. did you know how much does cremation cost? It is actually cheaper than a funeral which is really interesting

Other health benefits of flowers

Roses heal digestive systems, dandelion takes care of jaundice and anaemia, sunflowers can treat ulcers, cramps, sore throat, etc. and Marigold can be counted as a natural antiseptic to be applied on cuts. Stress and anxiety can be relived with valerian flowers. Do you suffer from insomnia? If so, you can dry lavender and place them under your pillows. At the end of the day we all need a good night’s sleep!

Thanks to their beauty and mood uplifting fragrances, flowers make suitable gift for any occasion, so go right ahead and gift your loved ones fresh flowers and bouquets.


  1. Sarah L says

    I volunteer at the Denver Botanic Gardens and think that plants of all kinds are beneficial.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    I love having flowers in the house, especially the ones growing right outside my door. The colors always cheer me up.

  3. G K says

    We haven’t had fresh flowers for a while. They do always seem to brighten my mood though. They’re just so fresh and vibrant!

  4. Tamra Phelps says

    I know certain flowers/plants have literal medicinal value, but I think it’s true they can have certain emotional healing values. Some flowers, like daisies or sunflowers can immediately brighten the mood. On the other hand, I associate the scent of chrysanthimums with funeral homes.

  5. I love having fresh flowers in my home, so it is fun to learn how beneficial they can truly be.

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