Happy Easter | Happy Spring!

Here are just a few shots of this morning’s festivities.


My “bucket heads” waiting to go hunt for eggs.


Emma running to show me what she’s found.


Ethan proudly showing me his almost full bucket.


Emma excited about her basket full of goodies.


We also got the children “spring” presents… fun things to do outside. Emma got a pogo stick.



Ethan got a scooter. He is a lucky boy, as his Daddy just ran over his “little boy” 3 wheeled scooter the night before with the truck.

Last but not least, here is a short snippet of the kids hunting for eggs. The pure joy in their expressions make me grin ear to ear.

We hope you are enjoying your day with your family as much as we are.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!



  1. Lindsay Sorensen says

    CUTE STUFF!! Happy Easter Smiths!!!!!!

  2. shelly peterson says

    What a beautiful and fun day they must have had. Love the pics! thanks for sharing!

    • It was perfect out yesterday, rainy today. So glad it waited! Yes, we had a fabulous day. Hope yours was fun as well! 🙂

  3. Great pictures! I love the action shots!

  4. Michelle Ayers says

    I loved the video of the kids running around!

    • Thanks Michelle! I just watched it again… I love the little gasp at the end. I wish I had video’d just a little more to see what got her so excited 🙂

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