Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Emmaline

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Emmaline

Today is our sweet Emmaline’s 7th birthday.


It seems like yesterday I spent my days snuggling in bed with her entranced in her sweet baby smell.


She quickly transformed into our little busy toddler that lit up the room with her smile and could bring on the clouds with her sad face.


It took a little persuading on our part, but she finally took to her role of big sister and relishes in the fact that although Ethan will someday be bigger than her… she will always be older.


Emma is our girly girl… anything glitter, shiny or with bows is for her. She went through a phase that she was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz (what child hasn’t?). This particular year she talked her brother into joining her.


Emma started a tap/ballet/jazz combo class and realized that dance was a true passion for her. She picked up the routine quickly even though she joined half way through the year. If you are looking to buy ballet leotards for girls, there are many selections online.


Kindergarten came quicker than I’d like, but my little fish enjoyed her school. Emma quickly changed before my eyes from a preschooler to a big/little girl.


It’s crazy how it seems like she’s been in our lives forever, but it seems like only yesterday she was that sweet little baby snuggled in our arms and wrapping us around her little finger.


Emma has grown into such a beautiful, creative, smart and passionate young lady… and we have only made it to 1st grade! I want to freeze time with all my might… but I look forward to watching her blossom even more.


Happy Birthday sweet Emmaline…



  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda! She asked for iHop tonight… she’ll get it. AND her big sister is coming home early to surprise her (wasn’t supposed to be home until Friday night).

  2. Marissa Bailey says

    Happy Birthday Sweet Emma!! We love you sooooo much!

  3. Julie Wood says

    Happy Birthday To your daughter Emma! She looks so much like you, and they sure do grow up so fast. I bet you have a blast doing things with her!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great day! 🙂

  5. Sarah L says

    Happy Birthday sweet Emmaline! How quickly they grow. Nice sequence of pictures showing how she’s changed.

  6. Michelle F. says

    Just beautiful! Happy 7th Birthday!

  7. She is beautiful! I love her name too. We are due in March with baby girl #3 and her name will be Adeline so somewhat similar :0)

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