Hampton Inn Ft Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port Review

Room stay compliments of Hampton Inn Ft Lauderdale. All opinions are my own.


As you may remember, last month I headed south to Florida to join 39 other bloggers on a cruise.

I decided to fly in a day early (fear of missing the ship!) and stayed at the Hampton Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port 2301 SW 12th Avenue,  Fort Lauderdale,  Florida,  33315.


This wasn’t my first stay at this particular chain, but it was my first time in Florida. I was greeted with large palm trees, a beautiful day and a smiling face at the desk.

The receptionist was friendly, although obviously a little busy as the phone kept ringing and several people were arriving. I was checked in quickly and I arranged for a shuttle to port for a small fee of $5.


I found my room easily and was pleased with the space and the accommodations.

It’s been my recent experience that many chains have been changing out their pillows to tiny little hard squares. I was greeted with 4 large fluffy soft pillows.

This was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept on. I was super appreciative for this feature as I had only slept 3 hours in the past 24 hours by that point.

I also noticed that a lap table was provided for my comfort while relaxing in bed or on the chaise if I wished. This was a nice touch.


The chaise lounge had a decent little coffee table next to it with an overhead reading lamp perfect for laptop use, snacking while watching tv or reading the paper and sipping coffee in the morning.


The work desk with office chair were placed next to the window which helped give me an open sunny feel while working a bit on my laptop.

The office chair was comfortable enough that I was able to get several hours of work in before turning in for the night.


The sliding mirrored closet was a nice touch to check out your outfit before heading out the door in the morning.


The hallway featured a medium sized mini fridge, cabinets to store your food if you were staying for a bit longer than a night, a microwave and a coffee maker.

I made two cups of coffee in the morning and I have to admit it was one of the better hotel coffees I’ve had.


My first peek into the bathroom impressed me. I loved the granite bathroom counter. I thought it really added a touch of class to the room.

The overall feel of the bathroom was light and open. I had no problems with lighting in the morning while putting on makeup.


There were extra towels on the shelf underneath and a hair dryer for the morning.


I loved the oversized shower with the seat. I put my shampoo and razor there as well as a towel so I could dry off mostly before stepping out (and avoid slipping).


The view from my room invited me outside.

I loved seeing all the Palm trees and I had to go check out the pool… the pretty blue water was calling me.


If only I didn’t have so much work to do!

I knew my kids would have exhausted themselves here and with a 5 feet deep end even my older kids would have enjoyed it.


The breakfast area was full of booths, tables and counter/stools. As you can see, fruit was still available mid-afternoon.

Breakfast consisted of make your own waffles, eggs, cereals, toast, oatmeal, pastries, bagels…. those types of things.


If you’re hungry off hours they have a nice little snack station right off the side of the office that is open 24/7. The fridge had cold drinks and frozen goods like Hot Pockets and ice cream bars to eat in the room. The other side had sweet and salty munchies to satisfy your snacky side. 


If you came without your computer but need to check on something there was a computer and printer available for free use.


Not willing to give up on your fitness while away from home? No worries! They have a nice workout facility with a nice large television to pass the time.

Our group had a quick change of plans and needed a shuttle to port immediately. The staff at the desk went out of their way to not only refund our original shuttle purchase but arrange for an immediate shuttle for a group of 7 or 8 of us to get to port asap. They didn’t even blink an eye at the request.

My entire experience was positive from check in to check out. I would recommend the Hampton Inn Airport North Cruise Port for anyone… whether you are heading to port the next day or visiting the area for a few days!

With shopping and food nearby I was able to get food and pick up a few odds and ends I had forgotten at home without hiring a ride or exhausting myself.

Great location, great staff, fabulous room and good food!


  1. Holly says

    What a beautiful hotel! I love that the breakfast area wasn’t just a room with a few tables thrown in. It actually looks like somewhere you would want to eat.

  2. Lisa says

    Hampton Inn waffles are the BEST! We’ve stayed at our fair share of Hampton Inns in our lifetime of travel – love them! You’ve got me jonesin’ to travel some more!

  3. BEAUTIFUL hotel! I love that they provided the lap desk!

    And, only $5 for the shuttle?! GREAT deal!

  4. This looks like a very inviting and comfortable place to stay!

  5. Sarah L says

    I always want to be there a day ahead of sailing so I don’t have to worry about being late. Looks like a lovely place to stay.

  6. saminder gumer says

    i love the breakfast and the option to take it to go. i also like the beds a lot here. this place looks really nice and i like the set up of the breakfast area.

  7. I love how the room is decorated! Great view too – we love Hampton Inn!

  8. Great review! I will have to check out the Hampton Inn the next time I have to stay in Ft Laud, it looks nice 🙂

  9. I think that is where we stayed too. I recognize the breakfast area LOL. It was a nice place and very clean.

  10. That seriously looks like a great hotel!!

  11. That’s definitely a restful place to stay. I love Hampton Inns anyhow, but the set-up at that one is especially nice.

  12. Cara says

    Looks like a nice relaxing hotel! I love how big the room and bathroom look!

  13. I love how nice the bathrooms in hotels have been lately. Long gone are the white counters, that one is just gorgeous! Its nicer than my home.

  14. Sherrie C. says

    That hotel is gorgeous and so many great amenities. The pool is just so blue and inviting too, just what you would expect when staying in Florida. I’ve never stayed at a Hampton Inn but if they are all like the one you featured here then I plan on it in the near future when I take my next vacation.

  15. Tiff says

    I love Hampton Inns. They are such nice hotels!

  16. That hotel seems awesome! I love the breakfast area, and the room itself is nice looking. I love the dark woods & the colors of the furniture & accents- so pretty!

  17. Sarah Hayes says

    wow. way nicer than any place ive ever stayed. i love the gym!

  18. nicole dz says

    The bathroom and snack area are certainly my favs! Love that you can make your own breakfast! How awesome is that! Beautiful place to stay!

  19. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Wow everything they have! I would have thought the pool would be bigger but who needs a huge pool when your next to the ocean! I love the bathroom! Some of the furniture did look a little out dated but the Bathroom was my favorite.

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