Halloween Cupcake Idea : Easy Spiders & Webs

Halloween Spiders & Webs Cupcakes


With Halloween just a few days away I thought I would share a quick, easy and fun cupcake idea for the upcoming parties this weekend or to surprise your kids with on Monday.

Supplies Needed:


* 1 cake mix
* 1 tub of frosting
* cupcake papers
* Halloween/Fall themed sprinkles
* black tubed gel
* Halloween DOTS candy
* red Twizzlers Pull –n- Peel candy
* toothpick

Start by making and your typical ordinary cupcakes (or maybe add in a surprise candy in the center of the cupcake before you cook them). Frost them and sprinkle half with Halloween themed colored toppings (found at your local grocer or “mart”).

To make the webs, take the black gel (also found in the cake aisle with the sprinkles & tube frosting) and make 3 circles. Using a toothpick, lightly drag it through the frosting & gel pulling outward. I did this about 8 times on each cupcake.

Place a black Halloween DOT candy in the center of each spiderweb. I then cut a Twizzlers Pull –n- Peel into pieces and pushed each end into the cupcake to form the legs.

Super simple and scary…. really…. don’t all poisonous spiders have red legs??? Winking smile



  1. It’s making me hungry!

  2. mindy coffey says

    TY for this recipe! Love it & cute!

  3. LOVE these! I am a huge cake/cupcake lover so I will keep these in mind as halloween will be here before I know it!

  4. Linda says

    Great idea for Halloween!

  5. Kate F. says

    Those are cute! I might try these for Halloween.

  6. Michelle Feliciano says

    So cute! I am making this for halloween.

  7. marissa lee says

    as i was going through your recipes my sister spotted these muffins and she said we have to make these soon…she said we don’t have to wait til halloween to make them…lol..she is so right.

  8. Jeane Campbell says

    Perfect for the Halloween (fall) party at school! Thanks for the idea.

  9. Looks dainty and perfect just for halloween! Cute cupcakes !!

  10. Sarah L says

    Those are fun and easy enough for me to do. Thanks.

  11. Allison Swain says

    What a cute idea! I love decorating cupcakes. I will have to try these decorations out.

    Thanks for sharing.

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