Haba Doorway Puppet Theater

Haba Doorway Puppet Theater
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In the box
Haba Toys has some ingenius products on their site. The Doorway Puppet Theater is no exception… it looked like something my children would enjoy.

The first time I saw the Doorway Puppet Theater all I could think was, “now someone was thinking when they designed this, pure genius.”

Taking it out of the box there isn’t any kind of assembly required. Just pull it out of the box, find a doorway and let the kid’s imaginations soar.

Hung up and ready to use
I have seen other puppet theaters in the past, but they are all big and bulky that take up lots of space.

The Haba Doorway Puppet Theater is made entirely out of fabric (other then the rod), so it folds up nice and small for easy storage.

When the kids want to play unfold the Theater, adjust your spring loaded rod for a nice snug fit inside the doorway, and the kids will be entertaining each other for hours.

Tie Back Curtains
The Theater has a nice big opening to put on your show, with bright red tie back curtains you can open and close your play as you please.

I think might be adding some velcro to hold the curtains back, though, as my kids can’t tie yet so they needed help with that.

Fun times
Up top is a little porthole to make surprise appearances. Below is a clear pocket to make a sign for your next Broadway title.

Puppets at Play
My kids really got into their roles as puppeteers. They even made their own puppets to create their own shows. My oldest loved being able to create titles for his show.

Spring Rod
The whole puppet theater is machine washable, and because of the spring loaded rod it fits most doorways.

You can remove the rod and get a longer rod if needed for a wider doorway.

You can purchase the Doorway Puppet Theater at www.habausa.com and have your kids of all ages entertained for hours of imagination play.


  1. This is absolutely adorable and much better than using the back of the couch as your theatre!

  2. shelly peterson says

    This looks really cute and a lot of fun. My grandson would have fun with this.

  3. Karen Glatt says

    This is so cute and my niece and nephew would have a blast playing with the Doorway Puppet theater. It encourages creativity and a lot of fun to play with puppets. I loved playing with puppets when I was a child!

  4. Sarah L says

    What a fun idea. Kids like to put on plays.

  5. Robin Wilson says

    How stinkin’ cute is that?!? I love anything that gets a kid up out of the chair or off the couch and lets them use their imagination for a little while. I really like how easy this is to set up and to store.

  6. Dandi D says

    What fun! My son would really enjoy playing with something like this!

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