Guilt-Free Lunch Freedom with Mott’s® Snack & Go Applesauce Pouches!

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. 

I have had a ton of mom guilt tossed on me during my 23 years of motherhood. One of the heaviest loads I’ve received was what I was feeding my kids.

During my younger motherhood years I did my best with what our budget allowed.

We lived on a lot of Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese and PB&J. To be honest, our family didn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables back then. They were expensive and my goal was to fill bellies with the budget given. Mom guilt wasn’t horrible in regards to food (yet).

Fast forward 15 years to my younger set of children. The entire world of food has changed… and so has the weight of mother guilt.

I now know that a balanced lunch is much healthier and thankfully my budget now allows it. Now my guilt comes from not putting a ton of effort into the display of my children’s lunches.

Do you feel it, too?

You see these magnificently artistic bento style lunch boxes plastered all over Pinterest… and my kids go to school with an old school lunch in baggies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone out of my way to try to make lunch fun… see? LOL. This was my lame attempt at making lunch fun. Star shaped PB&G is as fancy as it gets folks!

Toss it in a muffin tin and I’m a rock star, right? HA!


To be honest, I’d rather spend that extra time it takes to style a lunch playing with my kiddos.


That’s why I was excited to see the Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches.

All three varieties are a winner in our house:

Mott’s® Snack & Go Strawberry

Mott’s® Snack & Go Natural

Mott’s® Snack & Go Original


Three yummy options in an easy and convenient package for busy families like ours. It seems like once the kids are done with school for the day we are in the car and running from activity to activity. Mott’s® Snack & Go pouches are super easy to grab and toss into my bag for a quick, healthy snack while on the go.

Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches are the same applesauce you love and trust for the active kid on-the-go. It’s the convenient way for me to give my kids the real fruit goodness I expect from Mott’s – anytime and anyplace.


Mott’s® Snack & Go Strawberry pouches and Mott’s® Snack & Go Natural applesauce pouches are Ethan’s favorites of the bunch. I love that they are an excellent source of vitamin C with no sugar added.

My Emma is a traditionalist and quickly declared Mott’s® Snack & Go Original applesauce pouches her favorite. The Original is also an excellent source of vitamin C with the same taste she has grown to love.

I also love that Mott’s Snack & Go is the same applesauce I’ve always trusted. The fact that they now come in a fun, portable and convenient pouch that transports easily and doesn’t make a huge mess in my van when the kids eat it on the go…. bonus!



This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


  1. Sarah L says

    Don’t worry about making pretty lunches. Give them healthy food and put in a loving note.

  2. nicole dziedzic says

    What a great idea using the muffin pan, it is like a tray, this would be great idea for our next party. And we love Mott’s! Love that these brand our all getting into the pouches, great for on the go.

  3. So smart for the little guys!

  4. This looks like the perfect on the go solution for getting some applesauce.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    We love the Mott’s Healthy take along applesauce’s! The Green apple flavor is our favorite!

  6. shelly peterson says

    What a great way to get a healthy snack in and of course perfect for on the go. These would be great for my grandson.

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