The Most Popular Baby Names of 2011

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2011

The process of picking a name for your new child is exciting. You’re bound to have many ideas about what to call them during pregnancy, and might get too excited and pick one at random. However, when choosing a name for your new-born baby, you need to consider how it will suit them, how it will sit alongside their surname and also if you want to give them any middle names. Choosing something from Bounty’s 100 most popular names for 2011 could give you an idea or two. 

To know how much time you have to choose a name, make use of a tool like Bounty’s pregnancy calculator. If you have several months to think about it, then you have plenty of time to scour lists of baby names which are ideal for your boy or girl.

100_2645When picking a name, there are all sorts of places to look. For example, you could name your child after a relative or celebrity, or even a celebrity, and the 2011 lists are full of names which take after celebrities.

In the boys’ list, Harry came top, rising from third place. Despite being top in 2010, Oliver has dropped down to third, while Jack, which was second in 2010, remained there. Meanwhile, Olivia remained top of the girls’ list, although Lily is now a close second after rising from third in 2010. Sophie occupies third place on the list, having dropped from second the year before.

In the boys’ list, Tommy was the fastest riser, having rocketed from 131st to 66th. Also a big riser was Jackson, moving up to 75th in 2011 from 128th the year before. Riley shot up from 25th to 9th, while Jenson, perhaps in tribute to the Formula1 star Jenson Button, moved from 99th to 69th.

As for the girls, the biggest riser was Eliza, moving from 141st to 84th, while Willow also shot up, from 108th to 77th. Julia rose to 63rd from 85th, while Sofia moved 25 places to a lofty 53rd. Two names, Bella and Esme, who are characters in the Twilight film series, figure in the top 100, with the former up in 71st while the latter moved ten places higher to 72nd. Other risers include Sophia, which moved up 14 to 14th and Layla, which is now in 29th place.

Among the big fallers in the lists are Katie, Amy and Lauren for the girls, while the boys list saw Cameron, Conor, Reece and Bailey fall out of favour.  However, don’t let popularity sway you when making a decision on your child’s name. If it seems right, go with it.

This is a guest post written by A. Parker


  1. Wow sounds so complex! It is hard to pick a name though. My daughters had kinda decided on names but wanted to see the baby first before it was set in stone. Sometimes you pick out a name and it just doesn’t suit the child. Any way good luck to picking out a name.

  2. Sarah L says

    This is a time when I’m glad I don’t have to pick a name for a baby. Lots of choices.

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