Guest Post | How to Fit Working At Home in with Looking After The Kids

How to Fit Working At Home in with Looking After The Kids

  1. working-momCall for Backup. It really helps to have a great, supportive partner. My wife is a language teacher, so she needs to do work herself, so we take turns working at the computer while the other looks after the kids. Take the kids outside, or take them to a park, or read to them, while your spouse does some work. Then tag them out and tag yourself in.
  2. Go outside. No one likes to be locked up inside all day, especially a young, growing child. Do your best to get some outside time every day (weather allowing) and when possible take your work with you and let them play in the park or somewhere they can play with other children.
  3. Making the perfect office. Sounds obvious but as you have the chance to work from home you need a good desk and chair, you need to be comfortable! Working from home affords you the chance to have the office that you want and will be able to work at. By using online auction sites in combination with shipping sites you can find cheap courier services, Therefore, making, assembling that perfect office at a cheap price and shipping it you easy and at an affordable price. You’ll need reliable work tools, as well, to stay productive while working from home. A decent laptop is essential for remote workers. To save on buying a computer, consider going for used or refurbished laptops. Find a reliable supplier to make sure you’re getting a fully functioning device that will last for a long time.
  4. Plan playtimes.  Your kids are more likely to let you work in silence (well almost silence) if you make time to offer them your full attention in between bursts of work activity. Be completely present for playtime for 20 minutes, and then ask them to cooperate while you return to work. When you’re done, reward them (and yourself-playtime can be a good way to leave the stress of work) with another play time.
  1. Make use of nap-times. Get work the most vital work done when the house is quiet because your children are sleeping. Try to work directly through nap times. You can also get a substantial amount done if you wake up an hour before your kids and work then or if the idea of waking up early sounds too horrible, work an hour after their bedtime.
  2. Ask your kids to be quieter. This may sound like a long shot, but you will be surprised at the results. By simply explaining to your children that you need to work, and that you need them to be quiet for a little while can truly work. For a little while at least!
  3. Give your child a “mini desk” – My kids like many love to play pretend. They also love mimicking adults. You should make a small area in your office your kid with a desk and their own important “work” items. Only allowing them to play with these toys during work hours and only in the office, will prevent them from becoming bored with the toys. Not only can they ‘work’ with you, but also you can keep an eye on them too!


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